Dr. Mark Mofid Continues To Research New Ways To Improve Plastic Surgery

Dr. Mark Mofid specializes in plastic surgery around the San Diego region in California, but he is also well-practiced in general surgery and medicine. He holds professional licenses and has been board-certified by some of the most prestigious organizations in the country.

While Mark does the majority of his work in San Diego, he consults with colleagues and companies all over the world today. In Mark’s own practice, patients can come to him for facelifts, buttock augmentations, liposuction, breast augmentations, and nearly all forms of plastic surgery. Mark’s main priority when dealing with his clients is to take their needs into consideration first and treat each scenario uniquely to provide the highest quality results for each individual. Mark is capable of doing all these procedures thanks to his training from the likes of Harvard and the John Hopkins School of Medicine. During his schooling, Mark underwent various levels of training in plastic surgery as well as general medicine in order to earn his advanced medical degree.

The desire for cosmetic surgery continues to grow daily within the United States, and opinions on whether or not they are good or bad fluctuate just as much. Coming down to the prices and ethics of the procedures themselves. This is why Mark has developed better augments and methods for plastic surgery and continues to exercise the highest standards when working with clients. Mark sets limits to his work and regularly tells other plastic surgeons to do the same thing. For example, Dr. Mark Mofid does gluteal augmentations but refuses to actually make the buttocks bigger.

Dr. Mark Mofid performs his surgeries under the highest code of ethics and refuses to do things to peoples bodies that he believes will cause them problems in the future. When it comes to buttock augmentation, Mark only uses intramuscular implants, and never the old standard silicone implants. By issuing limits, Mark Mofid can influence the negative aspects of the field and build a better outlook on his practice. Mark also encourages other professionals to follow in his footsteps to help improve the industry and shut down the critics.

What’s Next For Dr. Mark Mckenna?

If you have ever heard of entrepreneur Mark McKenna, then you’ve probably heard how this man has helped to reshape elective healthcare. Of course, McKenna started out as a prominent doctor in the city of New Orleans. This was his place of peace as well as his place of business. The Tulane University Medical School graduate is an open book to some degree. He has conquered numerous fields of work because of his undying passion to succeed. One of the best things about Dr. Mark McKenna is his passion. This burning-flame of ambition has set him apart from his contemporaries.

Keeping his eyes on the prize isn’t just a notion. Dr. Mark McKenna has always seem to have a wandering mind, which is why he has become so successful in many different fields. Back in the day, this soon-to-be medical doctor started buying real estate while he was in college. Yes, that’s correct! For most people, this idea would only remain as an idea, but McKenna uses his ingenuity in ways that can’t be fathomed. Thanks to studying medicine, this young man would moonlight at the region’s many correctional facilities. Dr. Mark McKenna would provide physicals to inmates at a price-range of $50 per hour. Would you believe it if I told you this guy saved 100 percent of his earnings? This is also true and the extra income would go into starting a real estate business. This real estate business did very well, and it was bringing in millions.

Unfortunately, Hurricane Katrina decimated New Orleans, which decimated his real estate business. Dr. McKenna continued to persevere by helping to redevelop his hometown by rebuilding low-to-moderate income housing. Around this time, Dr. Mark McKenna was buying and selling his own real estate projects. Where there’s a will, there’s a way. As of today, McKenna has one of the best minimal-invasive medical practices in the South, and OVME is changing lives through medical-ingenuity.


Lime Crime: Available for China

Lime Crime makeup is a cosmetic brand that is vegan and covers all colors of the rainbow. They offer eyeshadows, lipsticks, and even hair color. All of which are brightly tinted and sparkled to perfection. This highly popular brand has recently decided to become available in China. The brand has created a unique approach to the launching of products in China. This is due to distinct dynamics they were facing in the country.

The Global General Manager of LimeCrime, Kim Walls, conversed the topic in Los Angeles at the National Retail Federation’s shop.org conference. She noted that they would not be able to sell as they typically would. One particular reason is that the brand is vegan and does not test on animals.

The mandate for China requires that all cosmetics sold through wholesale will provide testing on animals. The only way get around this mandate was to ship from the United States. Unfortunately, this would most definitely result in managing taxes, international returns, transportation logistics, and foreign languages.

There was also the issue of counterfeits. Millions of product were sold in the China marketplace last year as counterfeits. The solution was shortly discovered. The answer would be to become partners with Revolve, an e-commerce fashion platform. For the official roll out, Lime Crime encouraged those arriving at their website to visit Revolves e-commerce services. Current customers could also access this e-commerce hub before launch time. This created the online word of mouth to spread throughout the internet.

In addition to all this, the company also worked with influencers. They chose well-known people that showed passion for the brand. These people spread word of its launch via social marketing. This was different from the typical first-tier influencers usually chosen. The brightly colored and vibrant brand has set foot in China. Now customers can easily find their legitimate products through Revolve.

The Sensational Brand Of Cherry Blossom’s Lipstick Has Been Revealed

Almost everyone is familiar with the sizzling Cherry Blossom of Riverdale. It almost seems a crime that anyone could look that good in the brightest of red from head to toe. To say her look is festive would be the understatement of the century. Her curls are glamorous, gorgeous perfection, her rough is never anything less than flawless, and her red wardrobe is spectacular. Despite all this fabulousness, what really catches the eye is the signature red lipstick. The lipstick is like a cherry on top of a delectable cake, and the look is phenomenal. Her look would add festivity and elegance to any Christmas party.

As it happens, none of the people at Riverdale can hold onto a secret. This is the reason why her signature makeup product has finally been revealed. The classic Blossom red kiss so spectacularly done by Madelaine Petsch was perfected with just the right lipstick. While it is true Cheryl really enjoys the high life, many people will be surprised at the affordability of her spectacular lipstick. The responsible party is Lime Crime with their sensational Red Velvet.

Red Velvet is a part of Lime Crime’s Matte Velvetine collection. The inspiration for the color came from the reddest of roses, the scent is a delightful vanilla and the product is richly pigmented. You can touch it or kiss it, and still this lipstick will not rub off. The lipstick is also incredibly addictive which is a perfect match to Cheryl’s character.

Madelaine granted an interview to Teen Vogue, and admitted she has become obsessed with the Lime Crime products. The matte formula was created so it would not rub off, and Lime Crime succeeded brilliantly. The steamy kisses that are supposed to leave a tell-tale trace must be enhanced with a layer of Nivea Chapstick. This makes the finish slicker, glossier, and capable of leaving behind that trace.

LimeCrime should probably increase production of their Red Velvet lipstick because once the world finds out where it came from, makeup bags around the globe are going to be packed with the product. In fact, they may want to increase production of the entire line.