How to Plan a Trip Cross Country

Cross country road trips are a dream come true for many individuals. Before trekking for weeks to the beautiful palm-lined beaches of California, it’s crucial that you plan in advance to have a successful trip. A prosperous trip requires a diligent schedule and a flexible budget. If you’re starting off on the east coast, expect it to take about one week to reach your destination in California. The week-long trek involves about 10 hours in the car during the day and sleeping in hotels or motels at night to recharge.


Planning the exact route you’ll be taking is critical to having the trip of your dreams (source). If your main goal is to get to California by car and be done with the trip, you’ll want to take the shortest route possible. This route involves going straight across the country, taking all of the major highways and thruways. If you’re more interested in taking the scenic route to explore new towns and cities, you can plan the trip to go through specific states that interest you. Remember that going cross country is all about the trip, not the destination. You will find that the trip is a whole lot more enjoyable than the destination itself, especially if you take a more leisurely approach to the voyage.


Finances should be a concern for you before embarking on the trip. Even though you’ll be saving money on flights and train tickets, traveling by car can be expensive, too. Gas costs, hotel fees and food stops make it impossible to travel without first establishing a fixed budget to pay for these charges. You don’t have to travel with a million dollars in your pocket, but you need to be aware of the fact that you need a financial buffer for when you’re on the road.