Avoid The Desert Flash Floods!

When you go to the western United States you must take note of the natural disasters that can sneak up on you. Some of us live in regions that are void of horrendous disasters, so we may not even realize that huge dangers lay ahead of of us when we go out west. One of the major dangers is flash flooding.

Interestingly, flash flooding happens quite a bit in deserts. You would not think, since deserts have a reputation of being hot, dry and void of water. A person will be standing in a safe, dry, hot desert. Without notice, a flow of water may randomly creep up. This flow of water can easily become a powerful stream of dangerous debris and water. In this situation, it is a good idea to get to higher ground before you find yourself swept away by a raging current. One must not underestimate the power of water. Even if water appears very shallow and safe, it is not. The best idea is to avoid water flows as much as possible. Flash floods usually happen when there is either a storm nearby, or a storm far away that has dumped rain onto the ground.

If you visit any of the desert areas in the southwestern United States, you must be aware of this problem and not be caught off guard. In 2014, a man in a vehicle was swept away by flash flood waters in Joshua Tree, California. His car went into a ravine. People were only able to get to him when the waters went down and by that time, he was dead. On a normal day, Joshua Tree is a desert with low hills, low shrubs and homes that people live in.