Dr. Johanan Rand’s Aging Solutions and Therapies

Dr. Johanan Rand is a physiatrist in Wayne, New Jersey who wants to help people with aging issues. At the Albert Einstein Medical Center in New York, his research is focusing on wellness programs like IV nutrient therapy and other solutions for conditions that could use support from weight loss and anti-aging. The treatments Dr. Rand came up with bits of help to restore health, improve immobility, helps prevent disease and helps with healthy aging. They also offer different ideas for menopausal symptoms which includes mood swings, hot flashes, and anxiety. The healthy aging recommendations address muscle atrophy, fatigue, memory loss, insomnia, and night sweats.

Dr. Rand has a diet program for patients who want fast weight loss results, a half a pound to a full pound in one day. The diet contains a low-calorie restriction, and some patients end up not feeling as hungry as they thought they would (Youtube). The reason why this diet can produce amazing results is that the hormones in the body allow the patients to eat a low-calorie diet, and they will not feel hungry. The reason why most fail a low-calorie diet is that they can not ignore the hunger they feel, the treatment Dr. Rand came up with helps the hunger pains go away. Many patients never had experience with weight loss in this way.

The patients must be well informed about the effect of aging, which other include erectile dysfunction and inflammatory conditions. These conditions greatly reduce the patients to lead a healthy and productive life. Dr. Johanan Rand sees great importance in patient education and provides the necessary information to audiences. The results show that a patient who takes control of their habits and exercising daily can be extremely successful and lead a full and very happy life. Physical therapy is also offered and uses techniques to help restore muscle and the balance of the human body.