White Shark Media Review Showing Why It’s a Leading Digital Marketing Agency

White Shark Media is excellent at AdWords Management. They are a Google AdWords PSP (Premier SMB Partner). The Premier Partner program includes only hand-picked agencies. They meet the most stringent eligibility, plus training requirements of Google. You can also benefit from their proven AdWords expertise, same as the other thousands of SMBs.

The Google AdWords PSP Program was formed to help medium and small sized businesses who do not have the resources and time for managing their advertising campaigns. Their PSP partners such as White Shark Media provide experience, expertise, as well as end-to-end customer service so that business owners could concentrate on operating their business.

White Shark Media is known to be a leading agency for digital marketing, delivering solutions concerning online marketing fitted for the medium and small sized businesses. It’s recognized among the agencies with an amazing fast growth rate in North America. Their growth derived from the company’s stature of engineering quest marketing operations bringing the best possible profits while they provide a customer experience that’s is known to be world class.

Their once ‘boutique agency’ is praised because it has helped numerous firms across the Americas in growing their businesses by utilizing their online marketing tactics as well as their proprietary marketing tools suite. Another key ingredient of their recipe for success is tracking all their marketing efforts of their clients in great detail. With proprietary reporting software, competitive intelligence, Google Analytics integration, keyword-level call tracking, White Shark Media ensures they are entirely accountable to all their clients every month.

One of their clients called Kevin H. from Education Services based in Ohio gave testimony, saying that their company had been working with the agency for around one year, and they were gratified with the gradual and constant improvements in their campaigns that have extended reach as well as conversions while decreasing the costs. Aaron V. E from an E-Commerce Store located in Iowa said that their customer success team at the agency had helped them to grow their business consistently.

Todd L. from the Painters situated in Canada said that White Shark Media is going to be the only company he will use for the life of his company and recommends people to do the same because he benefited from their services. Catalin S. from Jewelry Stores based in New Jersey praises White Shark Media for being, responsive, great, as well as up to date regarding knowledge.

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How the Ubuntu Fund Changed Lives Behind Andrew Rolfe

Jacob Lief founded the Ubuntu Education Fund in order to bring education to impoverished and vulnerable children living in Port Elizabeth in the Eastern Cape province of South Africa. His goal was to make a difference to those vulnerable children in order to bring them some hope for a better life. The Ubuntu Fund has, for years, been making a real difference in the region but Jacob Lief realized that it wasn’t quite enough. Lief was at a speaking engagement when he came to a stunning realization: “It was nonsense, the money was flowing in but we weren’t changing people’s lives.” Let’s take a moment to dissect Lief’s issue and see how the Ubuntu Fund made the required changes to make a difference.


The problem, Lief soon realized, was that the Ubuntu Fund was too beholden to the generosity of their benefactors. This is a realization that many non-profits will have to make in their lifetime. The problem wasn’t that benefactors weren’t being generous. In fact, the Ubuntu Fund had been streaming in donations for years. The real problem was that these funds were coming in with caveats: benefactors wanted their money going to a specific portion of the cause. THIS was the issue that Jacob Lief, and soon Andrew Rolfe as well as the rest of the board, would come to face. Lief knew that a change was needed so he approached the board, including mega donor Andrew Rolfe, in order to brainstorm a solution.


The solution would come in the form of a new approach to raising money. Andrew Rolfe and Jacob Lief decided that they wanted to raise donations from a very specific set of benefactors: high net worth individuals and those family foundations that were wealthy and solidified enough to be more free spending with their donations. The reason for this approach was simple: these donors wouldn’t require layers of red tape on their donations. Andrew Rolfe and the rest of the team would be free to use these donations as needed in order to help the target of their non profit. The change was immediate and successful.


The White Shark Digital Marketer

White Shark Media is a critical Digital Marketing society in North America that offers online marketing solutions that are specifically custom-made for medium and small-sized production companies. The company has been recognized as North America’s highest expanding digital group.


The Company was established in 2011 by entrepreneurs from Denmark. They had tremendous experience in both online and offline marketing. Their main aim for founding the company was to take over the ever-expanding Latin America SMB market by offering outstanding and unprecedented service and product delivery.


The company’s growth is derived from its ability to provide world-class customer experience through its cost-effective search marketing promotions. The little startup company has assisted numerous clients to develop their production through the exploitation of its collection of proprietary marketing tools and online marketing tactics. The company’s success also owes to it’s fruitful and considerate tracking of customer efforts. The company ensures monthly customer accountability through its proprietary reporting software, competitive intelligence, keyword-level call tracking, and the Google Analytics Integration.


The primary clients of the enterprise still have their trust in the group. Its employee base is composed of Bing Ads, Display Advertising, AdWords Search, and Google Analytic specialist from all over the world. What curved out as the winning principle of the company was the mixture of both domestic and international presence with fully bilingual and talented employee base. White Shark clients are presented with proven concepts rather than experimental solutions.


The company growth was recognized by Google in 2012 when it received invitations to the Mountain View California Google Head Quarters. Google selected support teams to help White Shark develop extra control and expansion of its customer needs. SMB Google AdWords Premier Partnership honored White Shark Media as a result of the secure partnership that it had with Google. Very few agencies have had the honor to get such recognition since Google is too strict on consideration eligibility requirements. Microsoft also acknowledged White Shark’s success and small businesses marketing campaigns proven track record by forming a partnership with White Shark. Here, the company would serve as Microsoft’s Bing Ads Authorized Reseller.


White Shark Media is committed to customer sustained success. That is why it proposes cost-effective, innovative, no contract, transparent, and no charge marketing solutions. The company desires for creativity, experience, and dedication to attain such expansions in the Digital Marketing competitive landscape. White Shark Media expects its growth to expand in the coming years through its successful joint ventures and results-driven campaign approach.

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White Shark Media: How To Choose The Right Team For PPC Management

Are you looking for a cost-effective advertising solution? If you are in search of reputable PPC Management team, it is imperative to look for a firm that has a proven track record in the industry. When it comes to selecting a reliable PPC campaign management firm, consider White Shark Media – a popular advertising agency that specializes in PPC management for growing businesses.


White Shark Media is a top Digital Marketing Company that serves medium-sized and small business enterprises. As a provider of internet marketing solutions, White Shark Media has numerous clients around the world that depend on the company’s services due to their reliable customer care. When it comes to guiding businesses the best conversion rates, White Shark Media has got the experience.


They normally work straight with their customer’s online advertising and marketing manager or advertising and marketing division – professionals who understand first-hand that successful PPC management is a full-time work. In an on-line market where millions of searches are carried out every day, PPC is tremendously complex and requires professional management for the best outcomes. And also unless you have the time to invest all the time on Pay Per Click, you will not get desirable outcome.


Advertising and marketing professionals at White Shark Media will be take the time to become familiar with your business, your products and also your company culture, along with your individual preferences, before crafting a campaign that properly shares the individuality as well as worth of your company.


It is necessary decide on your expected PPC’s goal and ROI, prior to making a decision on the maximum cost per click for each search phrase. You have to pay close attention to your bid and your competitors’ quotes to manage bids skillfully.


The specialists at White Shark Media encourages advertisers to register for their complimentary Adwords evaluation so they can discover what works and also just what to avoid. After going through the account setup and campaign setup process with one of their PPC campaign specialists, you will be confident that your ad will produce significant return on investment.


White Shark Media reviews complaints promptly, and addresses the issue to make sure the client is delighted with the resolution. To learn more about this highly regarded advertising agency, visit their website and get in touch with them right away.