D23 Expo Highlights Plans for Disney Parks

Die-hard Disney fans gathered at the Anaheim Convention Center this month to experience the D23 Expo, a biennial event presented by the Disney-run D23 fan club. The 23 in D23 stands for the year Walt Disney first arrived in Hollywood, and will be hallmarked by 23 different unique developments throughout the theme parks nationwide. These new additions will celebrate popular Disney culture, and focuses exclusively on the company’s film, television shows, parks and other properties. This indicates a huge growth period for the popular entertainment empire.

New lands will be created, one of which is based on the legendary Star Wars franchise. Slated to open in 2019 in the California and Florida parks, ‘Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge’ will be a highly-immersive, sci-fi haven where visitors can eat at the Cantina, interact with characters, tour the starships, and get their geek on bigtime. A hotel based on the Star Wars theme is also planned.

Other events in the works include the upcoming Disney 50th Anniversary in 2021. Expect new rides and features to be unveiled in nearly every park during this blowout celebration. Epcot, originally built in 1982, is slated to get a total revamp due to wear and aging. Created as more of an education-based entertainment, imagineers will continue interjecting more whimsy and fun. One example is the plan for a Ratatouille ride in the France pavilion of Epcot. Riders will experience 4D imagery and be ‘shrunk down’ to the size of a rat on this exciting adventure.

New Disney Vacation Club hotels and resorts are planned, such as the Disney Riviera Resort, which will be positioned near Epcot. Various themed restaurants will complement many of the new land areas, like the out-of-this-world spot near the Mission: Space area, and Uber-like vans, ‘Minnie Vans’, will offer door-to-door transportation for guests.

Planning Your Trip to Disneyworld in California

Taking a trip to Disney in California is a fantastic opportunity to check out the venues and rides specific to this particular theme park. Unfortunately, making the trip can be confusing and expensive if you’ve never been there before. As a general rule, you’re better off planning for the trip months in advance before actually going on vacation. You’ll get better airfare and hotel rates if you book everything at least three or four months in advance to the trip. Use hotel and flight comparison sites to find the best deals available to you.

Because Disney is such a large theme park with adjoining amenities throughout the area, you’ll need to have a set plan for which park you’ll be visiting on which day. If you’re traveling to California for a week, you should have more than enough time to catch all the sights. However, if you’re only going for a long weekend, you need to establish a goal for which parks you’d like to see and which ones you’d rather forgo. This allows you to experience the full fun of a specific park without feeling confused or overly rushed.

If you’ll be in the area for months, you might want to consider getting a season pass to Disney and Universal. These season passes give you full access to the park every day of the season without requiring you to spend money each day to take advantage of rides. Even though season passes can be quite an expense for you and your family, the price you pay will actually save you money if you make good use of it. There are lots of apps and sites that offer additional discounts to people looking to visit Western Disney and would like to save money on their entire trip while they’re there.