Underwater Artwork For Tourist Divers In California

Doug Aitken created underwater pavilions off the shore of Catilina Island to display artwork underwater. Visitors are required to fully suit up and dive into the ocean to reach the sculptures. The exhibit was previously featured in the Los Angeles Times back in September.


The artwork is designed so that people can swim through and around it as if it were a part of the ocean. They created the sculptures with rocks with built in mirrors. The point of the mirrors is to let people get a glimpse of the poor health of the underwater world in the area. This will give tourists an idea that the radical disruption caused by human meddling with the sea. The entire construction area is 12 feet in diameter.


The Los Angeles’s Museum of Contemporary Art is aiding Aitken’s efforts in providing this monument for tourists. Parley for the Oceans is also giving support for the project since it is helping expose the environmental issues in the ocean.


All of the materials used in the construction are derived from environmentally safe sources. Algae is starting to grow on the structures so it is starting to look like a natural part of the ocean. Even though the contruction is not entirely complete, visitors are welcome to dive and take a look at it any time. The island can be reached by visitors via ferry from the city of Los Angeles. The installation will also soon be a part of music performances near the Catalina Casino.