Stream energy donations for victims of hurricane Harvey

Through its philanthropic arm, Stream care, Stream energy one of the leading provider of energy and connected life services donated $25,000 to aid victims of this historic disaster.

Severe destructions were experienced in Louisiana and Texas coasts. Thousands were rendered homeless also 300,000 power outages experienced. Larry Mondry the President and CEO through a press release stated that Stream care provides help for those who experience homelessness of all forms including natural calamities. He assured of their commitment and dedication to supporting the American Red Cross to bring relief the victims including Stream customers.

Stream energy was collecting additional donations which include food and other supplies to aid in the relief effort. Mondry the CEO and President stated that the course was especially close to the heart of Stream energy as it greatly imparted the Stream family in Houston and the surrounding areas. He also added that Stream energy was monitoring the situation and will provide support for the Stream customers in the affected areas.


Stream Energy

Stream energy provides wireless, energy, protective and home services, refer to this link. It was founded in the year 2005 this was after the market of Texas electricity was deregulated with its headquarters at the Tollway center building that is located in Dallas. It started as a natural gas and retail electricity firm.

Stream energy mainly applies the use of multi-level marketing that is its primary sales channel. Recruitment was done initially by Stream energy’s multi-level marketing division which was called Ignite. The year 2014 saw the merging of Ignite to the Stream energy brand, see also

Stream energy has affordable and a variety of packages which has attracted customers from all over the country. Their services are now available in Texas, Georgia, Maryland, New Jersey, Illinois, Washington D.C Delaware and Pennsylvania. Stream Energy is optimistic that more states in the country shall be added to its growing list of energy states.

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