The OSI Group – A growth mindset to last more than a century

In 1909, a man named Otto Kolschowsky opened a family owned and maintained meat market/butcher shop in Chicago called, Otto and Sons. Almost half a century later, the company becomes the first one to be selected by McDonald’s as a fresh ground beef supplier, enabling it to open its first plant in 1973. Since then, the evolution of this organization from a local business to an international entity has come about. Later renamed as the ‘OSI Group’ the company began expansion in the US opening its second factory in Utah. Soon, it delved into international waters by expanding to Germany, through a joint venture. The growth in Europe was fast, as the company moved to Spain in the 1980s, followed by Austria, Hungary, and Poland. This mindset of growth and innovation has enabled the company to establish itself in many countries throughout the world. It has also managed to open innovation and R and D centers in various countries, including China.

One of the most crucial reasons, as to why companies survive the test of time is linked to how they handle their growth. The OSI group has always shown a willingness to learn and join hands, as is evident by their many joint ventures. Even after more than a century since its beginning, the company has not let these values slip by.

The most recent triumph for the OSI group, in August 2016, is the acquisition of the Dutch manufacturer known as Baho Food. Baho Foods comprises of five further brands including, Vital Convenience, Henri van de Bilt, Bakx Foods, Q Smart Life, and Gelderland Frischwaren. The reach of these companies was well distributed in more than eighteen European countries. Along with the subsidiary companies, the OSI Group has also gained access to processing plants in the Netherlands. The style in which the acquisition is done, speaks volumes of how humble the growth mindset within the OSI group is. The entire team of Baho Food, including its managing director John Balvers, has been kept. The idea is to fully involve this team in drafting future plans for the combined growth of both businesses.

John himself has commented, “OSI has outstanding relationships with both its customers and suppliers. Baho Food, as part of the OSI Group, will be well positioned to leverage on the experience and capabilities of OSI Group. With our combined strengths, we will be even better able to support our customers in realizing their strategy and offer them a broader product portfolio. This transaction will accelerate our growth strategy and support us in jointly realizing our goals.”

That being said, the OSI group undoubtedly has displayed other strengths. such as being able to make decisions that are calculated and compliment their own strengths. Baho Food is a supplier of snacks, meat products, and other convenience foods. It’s brands, products and processing facilities are bound to increase the growth potential of the OSI group within the European market.

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Dr. Mark McKenna: The Medical doctor And Entrepreneur

Dr. Mark McKenna is an aggressive entrepreneur and a physician. McKenna is also a community advocate and a passionate patient. He is popularly referred to as ‘Mark’ by family and friends. McKenna hails from New Orleans, Louisiana. He went to Tulane Medical School for his undergraduate studies. Dr. Mark McKenna also received his practicing license in Medicine and Surgery from the Georgia State Board of Medical Examiners and the Louisiana State Board of Medical Examiners. Dr. Mark McKenna concluded that it would be quite tough to make a fortune from medical practice while pursuing his medical degree at Tulane. After graduation, he joined his father, who is also a medical practitioner, for a short while. However, he would know soon that his primary passion was real estate. McKenna proceeded to start his own real estate company.

Dr McKenna’s launched a mortgage firm and eventually acquired a small title company thanks to the expertise from his early investments. Over the years, he became the founder and chief executive of many firms. These companies include Uptown Title, Universal Mortgage Lending and McKenna Crescent. McKenna’s company would design and build residential houses, close title all-in-house and originate a mortgage. McKenna’s company created over 55 employment opportunities at its peak.

In 2005 when Hurricane Katrina struck, Dr. Mark McKenna lost millions of dollars over a period of less than 24 hours. His cash flow deflated to almost zero. His employees relocated to cities and towns throughout the United States. He was underinsured on many of his assets. All he did was sit down and watch his properties become devalued. He later returned to New Orleans, where it all began to assist with humanitarian relief efforts and rebuild his once-thriving company.

Dr McKenna got actively involved in the reconstruction efforts of rebuilding New Orleans. His company invested in the reconstruction of low to moderate income housing that most Americans in the middle income could afford. After some time, Dr McKenna saw the writing on the wall. The real estate industry was changing fast. He realized that it was time to get back to medicine when individuals with zero income were purchasing the property at 100% financing.

“All the Works of Jason Hope”

Jason Hope is described as a successful philanthropist, entrepreneur, investor, and futurist. The Tempe, Arizona native’s educational background consists of a Bachelor’s degree in Finance which he received from Arizona State University and a MBA which he received from W.P. Carey School of Business at Arizona State University. Mr. Hope’s popularity might have started off locally, but it sprouted internationally as more of his businesses were created by him and then expanded. When one think of Jason Hope, they think of how successful he has come through hard work and determination, making him a sought-after advisor.

In a Release Facts interview, Jason Hope brought perspectives about the internet of things while promoting his new Ebook, “Understanding the Internet-of-Things Revolution: A quick guide for thriving in the IOT Era”. Mr. Hope believed that technology is the future so he must have a solid foundation in understanding the internet of things. The internet of things is described as an innovative concept, from the world of computing, that looks at the process dealing with devices connected to the internet; the devices exchange information with each other while also interacting with human users. The internet of things consists of everything connect to the internet such as the following: smartphones, tablets, smartwatches, laptops, and wearable devices. Jason Hope stated that since the internet of things continues to evolve, there will always be an increasing number of different types of appliances being developed and released. Those appliances are able to be networked within the home, impacting how people live and work.

Jason Hope is a philanthropist, and he stated in an interview that he is passionate about giving back to the community by helping local organizations since his assets have put him in a position to do so. In 2010, Mr. Hope announced a $500,000 donation to SENS Foundation. SENS Foundation is a California-based non-profit organization that works to promote, ensure, and develop widespread access to rejuvenation biotechnologies; which comprehensively addressed age-related diseases. Dr. Aubrey de Grey, CSO, led the anti-aging research, and through the donation, an entirely new biotech industry was created to combat diseases created by human aging and association such as Alzheimer’s, Atherosclerosis, and Diabetes. Jason Hope’s donation helped accelerate the progress in SENS Foundation’s fight against age-related diseases.

Jason Hope supports and cultivates the next generation of entrepreneurs as they go head first into the world of technology. He is always looking for investment opportunities so he can help new ideas and businesses be launched. Mr. Hope understands all too well that new entrepreneurs have the habit of leaping on every opportunity that comes along, and they totally neglect their main project. Through mentoring and sponsorship, Mr. Hope plans to make the work load for new entrepreneurs plain and simple. He knows that if projects can be completed one goal at a time, then success and new innovation will come.

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Who is Adam Milstein?

Adam Milstein is an Israeli-American real estate investor and philanthropist, as well as a managing partner of Hager Pacific Properties, where he oversees the firm’s financing, property management, and disposition. He is also an author on the blog, The Times of Israel. Milstein was a native of Israel and therefore served in the IDF, during the Yom Kippur War. Adam Milstein graduated from the Technion in 1978, and upon arriving in the U.S. in 1981, earned an MBA from USC. On top of his work with Hager Pacific, Adam Milstein is also an active community leader and philanthropist. In fulfilling his philanthropic reach, he focuses on strengthening the Jewish people and the State of Israel. In addition to this Milstein, supports a wide range of organizations through the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation, a charity which him and his wife co-founded, which provides charitable philanthropic services to a wide variety of organizations to strengthen Jewish people, the state of Israel, and the U.S.-Israel relationship.

Adam Milstein currently lives in Encino, California. He has three children as well as three grandchildren. In looking at his work for the blog The Times of Israel we can see that Adam Milstein is a supporter of pro-Israel organizations such as the IAC, or Israeli-American Council, where he is the national chairman, as well as The American Israel Education Foundation, which is the educational wing of AIPAC. In addition to this, his foundation supports StandWithUS, Hillel, Hasbara Fellowships, and many more pro-Israel ventures. Milstein was born in Israel. In taking a closer look at his most recent authoring on The Times of Israel, we can see an article pertaining to the children of Israel. Although the articles title reads “pride and courage, gifts for our children in 2018,” the article begins by mentioning a previous article pertaining to the Maccabees, the Jewish rebel group that lived in the Land of Israel in the second century BCE. It goes on to discuss of the situation in Israel during the time of the Maccabees, being a land which was dominated by Greek armies. The main contents of Adam Milstein’s article, goes on to sum up the “gifts” which he meant in his title, being various virtues, in sequential, numbered lessons. For example, the gifts are listed are as follows, being pride for one, courage for two, persistence for three, knowledge for four, and then innovation, belief in the impossible, brotherhood, and passion for gifts five, six, seven, and eight.’s-200-Influential-Philanthropists

What’s Next For Dr. Mark Mckenna?

If you have ever heard of entrepreneur Mark McKenna, then you’ve probably heard how this man has helped to reshape elective healthcare. Of course, McKenna started out as a prominent doctor in the city of New Orleans. This was his place of peace as well as his place of business. The Tulane University Medical School graduate is an open book to some degree. He has conquered numerous fields of work because of his undying passion to succeed. One of the best things about Dr. Mark McKenna is his passion. This burning-flame of ambition has set him apart from his contemporaries.

Keeping his eyes on the prize isn’t just a notion. Dr. Mark McKenna has always seem to have a wandering mind, which is why he has become so successful in many different fields. Back in the day, this soon-to-be medical doctor started buying real estate while he was in college. Yes, that’s correct! For most people, this idea would only remain as an idea, but McKenna uses his ingenuity in ways that can’t be fathomed. Thanks to studying medicine, this young man would moonlight at the region’s many correctional facilities. Dr. Mark McKenna would provide physicals to inmates at a price-range of $50 per hour. Would you believe it if I told you this guy saved 100 percent of his earnings? This is also true and the extra income would go into starting a real estate business. This real estate business did very well, and it was bringing in millions.

Unfortunately, Hurricane Katrina decimated New Orleans, which decimated his real estate business. Dr. McKenna continued to persevere by helping to redevelop his hometown by rebuilding low-to-moderate income housing. Around this time, Dr. Mark McKenna was buying and selling his own real estate projects. Where there’s a will, there’s a way. As of today, McKenna has one of the best minimal-invasive medical practices in the South, and OVME is changing lives through medical-ingenuity.

Thoughtful Tweets by Shervin Pishevar

Shervin Pishevar, an investor of tech companies and co-founder of An investing firm, isn’t always the most active person on Twitter. However, that changed in February. He suddenly decided that he wanted to share some thoughts.

50 Tweets

Shervin Pishevar shocked Twitter followers with 50 tweets, all sent out over 24 hours. Some were sent within three or four minutes of each other. The investor gave everyone some warning, though. He identified that he wanted to share thoughts on “financial storms” he saw brewing.

To help everyone keep track of the tweets, he numbered them. He then pinned the first one to the top of his profile to ensure everyone had a chance to see his biggest prediction.

The Topics

Shervin Pishevar didn’t hesitate when it came to speaking up about his thoughts. The first tweet stated that he expected a 6000 point aggregate drop in the coming months. The second tweet backed it up by saying 2018 gains have already been lost.

The tweets weren’t limited to the stock market. Shervin Pishevar talked about how the US is lacking in the speed of execution. He then gave the example of China completing a train station in only nine hours. He blames the US government and their “decrypt and decaying” infrastructure.

Shervin Pishevar also talked about the US monopolies and how they hold too much power. The monopolies should come as no surprise: Facebook, Amazon, Alphabet, Microsoft, and Apple.

There was no specific reason as to why Shervin Pishevar decided to tweet all of his thoughts. However, many business blogs are now actively talking about his various theories and predictions. Some have even started to come true, particularly with US stocks taking a plunge. Plenty of people are taking Shervin’s tweets as warnings and moving to protect themselves against further losses in 2018.

Nick Vertucci speaks on the joy of training others

Nick Vertucci has been able to make real estate work for him, and as such made the life, he had always dreamed of. He did this by working on a strategy that he developed over the years that he gained his practical experience in the industry. He ventured into real estate in 2000 and from that point on he made his duty to research and learned as much as he could. The fundamentals of real estate are huge, and they require a certain understanding in order to enjoy smooth sailing in the industry.

There are laws that govern the industry that requires being adhered to while at the same time remain competitive at the various levels even against corporations with deep pockets. Nick Vertucci believed that if he could formulate the right strategy, he could get ahead and deliver to his customers. He was able to achieve this by going for seminars and all manner of training that he could while at the same time he put a lot of effort into his own research on the various issues that he felt he need clarification.

This industry has proved to be dynamic, yet Nick Vertucci has somehow been able to tam it. He opened his academy to help others learn how to make money in real estate. His Academy, the nick Vertucci real estate academy has now grown beyond his wildest dreams, and even as he continues to offer external training, he is very keen on maintaining a lot of the programs that are offered in the school as part of it. The joy of teaching others how to succeed is what gives Nick the happy feeling that can be detected in his voice every time he introduces a former student who is doing well to his current students at all levels.

Market America — Expanding the Global Mindset

Market America is a leading entrepreneurial engagement company in America. It has created wealth in more than 20,000 Americans and continues to grow every year. The opportunities that are presented by Market America are unique because they allow members the opportunity to become owners of their very own business with little or no risk. It is an amazing trade off – work for success. They recently held their national convention and more than 20,000 employees were in attendance. The event was sponsored by the corporation and it was packed with top tier celebrities. Performers like Fat Joe and Jamie Foxx performed. Market America unveiled their latest technological innovations at the event. The advancements were amazing.

The product lines on the website have been improved and expanded to offer many more products. Customers will be glad to know that the offerings are catered specifically to their needs. They are offering groceries to parents who need extra time getting to and from the grocery store and other options that are specifically targeted towards new and growing families. The upgraded rewards systems are making it an even faster system and customers can engage in shopping while earning reward points. The rewards points are then converted into free items from Market America.

They have been rated #57 on Internet Retailer’s top 500 Magazine and they are still climbing. Their goal is to make their website a one-stop-shop for anyone searching for products for their home. The overall experience is one that is guaranteed to improve as the company grows. They are developing their app so customers can even shop from their phone. It is currently available from Google Play and the App Store.

The advantage of purchasing your groceries through Market America include fast delivery and no membership fees. Customers can purchase items in bulk and not have to worry about being taxed outrageous prices. They are currently engaging in a growth strategy that will take them into emerging markets. Places like Jamaica, Spain, and Panama will be eligible to benefit from the great products offered by Market America. They are a revolutionary company with a great vision.

Felipe Montoro Jens: Infrastructure for Rio De Janero

Felipe Montoro Jens knows how important public and private business partnerships are. The city of Rio de Janeiro is aimed at using Public-Private Partnerships or PPPs to grow their network for child education. Felipe is the specialist in Projects of Infrastructure and he suggests there are to be 20,000 upcoming areas for day-care centers, and 40,000 upcoming places for pre-schools by the year 2020. This will continue the growth of Brazil in their economic recovery.

PPPs or Public-Private Partnerships were formed on December 30, 2004 by Law number 11,079. This law gave general rules to contracting and bidding of PPPs. Felipe explains that the agreement refers to a substitute government to acknowledge the small amount of resources in public services. Public administration entities sign the arrangements. This can be private partners, Municipalities, the Federal District, or the public administration.

The Public-Private Partnership used for Rio de Janeiro is similar to the PPP model they used in Brazils school systems. The City Hall of Rio de Janeiro is to hold responsibility for school lunches and the pedagogical area. The private partner is given responsibility for administrative maintenance and construction of the EDIs or Infant Education Units. This follows Belo Horizonte’s school model.

The IFC or International Finance Corporation will be the institution holding responsibility for the expansion program through the Public-Private Partnership. This company was hired for roughly 2.3 million dollars. They give their innovative thinking, financial resources, global experience, and superior expertise to aid their partners. It is the biggest developmental private sector for countries in expansion according to Felipe Montoro Jens.

Felipe Montoro Jens has experience in water, sewage, petroleum, infrastructure, project development, auditing, structure finance, consulting, real estate, and technology. He also has an education background in Business Administration.

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Michael Hagele and Entrepreneurship

Michael Hagele is an outside general counsel for a group of companies. The companies range from technology, aerospace, internet, defense, and biotechnology industry. He is also a great investor and has invested in a range of firms ranging from restaurant to hospitality industries. Michael has a great experience in drafting and closing technology, licensing, distribution and the developments in the modern technology. He is a great technologist and has made a great investment in a wide variety of technology-related fields. Michael has also worked with various notable companies serving as the general counsel for many ventures.

Michael Hagele is a graduate of the University of California where he received his J.D. He also attended Unversity of Lowa for his B.A program. The experience of Michael in the in-house counsel has proven to the technologist that smaller firms and sole practitioners in the field often provide high quality and reliable services which are also cost-effective.

Working in a private company can be a bit tiring and cumbersome. Michael has to handle a lot of activities and a number of clients on a daily basis. As a technology expert, most of his clients are technology-based cases who often reviews contracts and technology licensing agreements. He is a very busy man but has drawn a good and reliable timetable in how to work. According to Michael Hagele, bringing ideas into action requires tenacity and never giving up.

As a great technologist, Michael has a strong bond with artificial intelligence. The many applications of Artificial Intelligence and its applicability in real life situations including genetic programming is a field that Michael sees as a breakthrough. The application of modern technology is key in production and reducing cost and promoting efficiency in the workplace. Michael also believes in putting the needs of the customer as a top priority. In this case, customer satisfaction is achieved and this makes one unique in service delivery. Visit:

Michael is also a motivator. For upcoming entrepreneurs, Michael recommends that they should not dwell only on their work on a full-time basis. Instead, they should set up time for recreational and physical activities and exercises.