OSI Group; the Successful Protein Supplier

Building a credible reputation is the key to steady expansion, and OSI Group is one of the few holdings across the globe that knows the tips to consider. The holding is a private and independently run company that is well-known for its fresh meat supplies and other related food services. The private company is headquartered in Aurora, Illinois.

The company boasts of being in the game for more than a century after it was established in 1909. The venture was Otto Kolschowsky’s idea after he opened a meat market in Illinois. The fact that Otto was a German immigrant did not hinder him from pursuing his dream. Two years down the line, Otto moved to Maywood, Chicago to establish a wholesale meat business as a way of expansion.

Within a short time, the business was picking pace. In 1928, the company was rebranded as Otto & Sons. Under Kolschowsky’s tenure, the venture was swiftly attracting the attention of the local people for its quality meats. Otto & Sons came to the limelight when McDonald’s made its way to Illinois in 1955. McDonald’s chose Otto & Sons as the supplier of ground beef patties which meant more and more business deals in the future. Over time, Otto & Sons had become one of McDonald’s meat suppliers.

In 1973, the successful meat supplier launched a high-volume base in West Chicago. The new plant had a particular unit which facilitated other duties that were not related to McDonald’s. After two years, Otto & Sons changed its name to OSI Industries as a move to allow expansion. During that tenure, McDonald’s was also experiencing geographical growth which meant growth too for OSI Industries.

Over the past few decades, OSI has been undergoing tremendous growth owing to the presence of talented executives such as Sheldon Lavin. Today, the talented chap serves as the company’s chairman to the board of directors and CEO. Sheldon has the full control of interests at OSI Industries, and this has seen him named the top compensated CEO. Sheldon joined the company as an inactive member before McDonald’s persuaded him to get involved with the business directly. Sheldon’s presence in the company has brought more than enough benefits as it has grown into a global platform.

Sometime last year, the company was ranked number 58 on the Forbes’ list of private companies worth $6.1 billion. Today, OSI Group has plants in West Jordan, Utah, Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin, Riverside, California, Lowa, Oakland, Geneva, and the prominent in both Chicago and West Chicago. Today, the group works in close collaboration with renowned food brands in the production and packing of their products. Currently, the company is spread over 17 countries with over 65 stations and more are expected to be launched in the future to meet the high demand for the supplies.

OSI Group Info: www.foodprocessing.com/top100/profiles/osigroup/

Learn From Glen Wakeman Strategies In Developing Successful Businesses

Glen Wakeman has made a great impact on many businesses by steering them to success through his efforts in mentoring young entrepreneurs realize their dreams. Many people recognize him as the master of revolutionary. Glen Wakeman has for a long time dedicated himself to learning new skills and experience which he never keeps for himself but offers himself to guide upcoming business organizations realize their dreams. He established his five-step which he put in practice and was able to help many people come up through the process putting in the five-step model into practice; the model has been approved by many who have given it an applause and much appreciation to Glen Wakeman.

Glen Wakeman is also a proficient writer in addition to his success in the investment industry. He has facilitated many investors in dealing with fiscal, economic issues by laying out the strategies that fit every situation. He has a lot of skills in corporate management, finding out the requirements that new markets require for one to venture and conquer the competition and gain clients thus become able to promote and sell product and services. He has the potential to guide the administration in laying out proper strategies that are needed in administering any firm or organization with the aim of making profits and gaining trust from their clients. He has the skills to offer rightful counseling to emerging level groups to develop strategies and methods in approaching their area of work.

For several decades, Glen Wakeman has been active in making sure that businesses are entitled to achieve through transformation by providing his knowledge to the firms. His is efforts include advising firms on how to raise capital through existing funding organizations, advocating the need for the young entrepreneurs to venture international markets so that they can reach more clients. He has this passion for global business innovations through his widespread career. From the moment he started his work, he has become a global figure in leading young firms through support and advice (LinkedIn). He has achieved his skills from various efforts in educating himself and finding out every aspect that may help businesses grow, being a resident of several countries, Glen Wakeman has acquired a lot of skills and invested largely which has made him a prosperous investor.

More at https://www.slideshare.net/GlenWakeman/glenwakeman-blog

Susan McGalla Empowers Women to be Leaders

Former president of American Eagles Outfitters, Susan McGalla, is a very passionate and determined businesswoman. Susan went to Mount Union College where he graduated with a degree in marketing and business. She is currently working with Business Strategy and Creative Development as the deputy president.

As a woman in influential leadership positions, Susan is very determined to help other women become successful. While at American Eagle Outfitters, she worked as a promoter of women’s clothes and juggled other departmental roles as well. Upon leaving American Eagles, she operated as a financial consultant for investors and retails businesses. By this time he was operating as a private advisor. All these leadership positions have earned him experiences and skills that have challenged most women to step.

Despite the challenges that he encountered while paving her way for success, she managed to grow both as a woman and a leader. For this reason, he has stepped forward to mentor many women who have struggled with different challenges. She challenges women to step up and take these leadership positions. Now that companies are considering the gender rule, women have an equal chance to be represented in leadership.

Susan compels them to make baby steps because everything that will finally bring success takes time. Companies are also influenced by how she has fuelled this topic. This successful woman has challenged companies to spare more roles for women. This gives them a chance to lead and this contributes to their growth.

Hard work and commitment have been her most precious pillars. She is the type of woman who doesn’t let opportunities surpass her without taking advantage of them. This principle has inspired many women. She also advises women to consider having mentors. Additionally, she tells them to build on their self-confidence and work towards strengthening their weaknesses.

Companies now promote women to leadership positions hence giving them a sense of belonging.

Greg Secker’s Learn to Trade Helps More People Attain Financial Freedom

Many people know Greg Secker as an entrepreneur who made it big and retired in his late twenties. He is a master Forex Trader whose prowess has been recognized and appreciated by many. He is also passionate about sharing his success story and tips with those who would like to gain financial freedom.


Greg’s career started off when he was a trading technologist for a company called Thomas Cook Financial Services. His job entailed coming up with and developing trading systems with a bid to expose any profits made in the Forex market. It was while he was at Thomas Cook Financial Services that he developed a trading system called the Virtual Trading Desk. The trading system won many awards after its conception.


After his stint at Thomas Cook Financial Services, Greg’s career soared. Within two years, he was joined Mellon Financial Corporation as their Vice President. He was only 25 at the time. After working there some time, he decided to set up his own trading centre in his house. At first, he shared his trading ideas with his family and friends and then more and more people started approaching him.


Learn to Trade


Learn to Trade was an initiative which Greg Secker thought would benefit more people who wanted to learn about Forex trading on their own. Most people think that they must sit in front of their laptops or computers the whole day. This is not the case.


With Learn to Trade, you can teach yourself the art of trading in currencies. The official website provides every learner with tools which they can use to sharpen their trading skills. The website also makes available some tips and techniques for risk management. If you need advice when you are stuck, the experts are there to help you.


Attaining financial freedom is as easy as finding something that can propel you in the right direction. Forex trading worked for Greg Secker and it can work for you too. All you have to do is follow the strategies and attend the workshops on the Learn to Trade website and you are good to go!


Don Ressler, a Man of Vision

Don Ressler was on his way in 1997 when he sold his successful business FitnesHeaven.com to Intermix, the parent company to MySpace which he now owns. Now, it seems he’s on a real roll, having founded TechStyle corporation with his partner and co-CEO Adam Goldenberg. Making a bold move, the two clothing moguls set up shop in El Segundo, California. Having access to an international airport, room to expand and close to the beach to boot, they decided the move was brilliant and haven’t looked back since. Find on apparelnews.net

Mr. Ressler has taken on the role of rudder for TechStyle as he controls the companies customer experience, company talent, and vision. Speaking of vision, one of the subsidiaries of TechStyle is JustFab, an all inclusive, E-Commerce business for women’s clothes of all shapes and sizes. The quality of the clothes are second to none and at an affordable price. Sizes range from XS to 3X and are designed to flatter any woman’s shape. Originally carrying only clothes, JustFab has branched out to include accessories, basics, and wide width shoes.

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Like the captain of the industry that Don Ressler is , the product line has since gone global, with markets in the U.K., France, Germany, Sweden, Canada, Denmark & the Netherlands. Going global may not have been possible without the $33,000,000 funding from Matrix Partners they received in 2011. In 2012 they received a combined total of $76,000,000 from Matrix Partners, Rho Ventures, Technology Crossover Ventures and Intelligent Beauty, another company owned by Mr. Ressler.

Just when you think Mr. Ressler’s plate can’t get any fuller, he has now partnered up with the actress Kate Hudson and made a new line of athletic wear for JustFab called Fabletics! In an interview from Brandettes, Mr. Ressler States on businessinsider.com, “Our competitive edge is that we are making a premium performance product – I would put our pants next to Lululemon or Athleta any day – but we have done it with style and at a price that makes you feel good buying it.” It’s clear to see, Don Ressler is a force to be reckoned with in the E-commerce clothing industry.

How to Be Prepared for Auditions and Acting on Camera

When you work with Nine9 as a talent a part of their roster, you will discover several things about the world of acting and this general industry. The key to making it in any form of acting is to make sure that you are striving towards learning and improving what you are capable of. In this industry, being able to know how to audition is an art. Knowing how to act on camera is also an art. The thing to remember is that you can prepare for all of this easily.

Preparing for auditions involves training. When you work with Nine9, they will help catapult you into knowing and understanding how to better your auditions. From the moment you walk in and the moment you say your first line, every single detail counts. The key is to be prepared and know what you are doing. You will find that acting on camera and knowing how to audition is tough, but Nine9 has a wide array of classes that you can take with their instructors to better get accustomed to the world of on camera acting and auditioning. It becomes a genuine skill to be able to walk in to an audition and walk out with so much confidence knowing that you did a great job, whether you landed the job or not and what Nine9 knows.

Nine9 has instructors who can help you in every aspect of this business. Things like getting good headshots, acting classes, mentorship, actual auditions and gigs, and everything in between so you succeed and grow in this business. Auditions need to be nailed down in order for you to make it, and they can help et you prepared so you know what you are doing in that next audition. It can be quite the process and will definitely be exciting to do and Nine9’s lacrosse camp.

More visit: https://www.crunchbase.com/organization/nine9#/entity

How Todd Lubar Has Dominated the Real Estate and Investment Sectors

Todd Lubar serves as the President of TDL Global Ventures, LLC. As the head of the enterprise, he has successfully steered the company to unprecedented success. His business acumen and communication skills have played a crucial role in the development of the firm. Mr. Lubar credits his hard work and dedication in the achievement of business goals and objectives.

Todd Lubar first ventured into Real Estate in 1995 after following his keen sense of intuition. As such, he realized that his desire to help clients would elevate his career in real estate. While in the course of dispensing duties, Lubar familiarized himself with Mortgage banking through Crestar Mortgage Corporation. By doing so, he acquired an invaluable experience in his profession. Possession of such an experience was crucial in forming professional relationships with insurance agents, realtors and financial planners.

Todd Lubar’s rise to stardom gained momentum when he acquired an equity post at Legacy Financial Group. Such a position was essential in the expansion of credit services with external investors as well as a direct link to Mortgage Bank. Afterward, he founded Legendary Properties, LLC to meet the needs of residential clients. To achieve this, he focused on procuring, rehabilitating and selling numerous single family homes. Such services enabled Todd Lubar to earn significant profits from the sale of multi-family properties.

Current Achievements

Todd Lubar’s successful relationship with creditors expedited the formation of Charter Funding in 2003, a division of First Magnus Financial Corporation. Such an affiliation promoted business growth courtesy of immense access to programs and products. Fast forward today, Lubar has successfully mastered the art of serving underserved clients. Through his company, Mr. Lubar provides credit services to customers overlooked by established financial institutions. His successful 7000 transactions are a testament to his proficiency and expertise.

With over 12 years’ experience, the entrepreneur has anticipated changing business climates and made proper adjustments. For instance, he diversified to the scrap metal recycling business after the meltdown of the mortgage industry in 2008. The resultant company, Automotive Scrap Metal, was eventually traded in the Public Exchange.

Leisure Activities

Lubar resides in Bethesda Maryland with his two children. During his downtime, he loves to travel and spend quality time with his kids. Todd strives to empower people he interacts with, and better their lives.