Betsy DeVos Created Educational Opportunities

Having the ability to choose a diverse education is something that was previously reserved for those who were able to make a lot of money. These were the people who were able to spend a lot of money on their children’s’ educations and it was something that set them apart from those who did not have a lot of money. While it wasn’t necessarily fair, it was something that happened as a direct result of the public school system. The people who were not able to get what they needed were those who were poor and could not afford a great education. Betsy DeVos wanted to change that and did everything that she could to make sure that even those who were not able to afford that type of education were getting what they needed out of it. This was something that Betsy DeVos worked on for many years and something that she still continues to do as the secretary of education.

Starting out over 20 years ago, Betsy DeVos wanted to see the difference in what things would be like for people who were poor and could not afford private education. She wanted to come up with something that would make it easier for people to do new things and to try new things for their children. Because of the way that Betsy DeVos did things with educational opportunities, she was able to help those who were very poor and who could not go to private school because they were so poor.

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Starting out with the voucher program was something that Betsy DeVos knew that she needed to do. The voucher program allowed people to make sure that they were going to a private school without ever having to pay for it. Similar to a public school, the government paid for the vouchers. The people who had the vouchers would then give them to the private school which would pay for the child’s tuition depending on the amount that it was at that point in time. It worked well and Betsy DeVos was pleased with the way that she was able to help children get a better education through the program.

Recently, charter schools have been popping up all around the United States. This is something that has been done by Betsy DeVos and the foundation that she has to make things better for children. The charter schools allow the children to get a private education even if they don’t have the resources that they need to be able to do so. This is something that has been helpful for all of these children and something that has made a huge difference. They don’t even need vouchers for charter school. Visit Betsy’s profile page on

Reviewing John Goullet, Principal of Diversant LLC

John Goullet is a visionary and an outstanding figure in the IT tech staffing industry. He has a long and eventful career that is inspirational and even enviable today. Here is a peek into the professional life of one of the tech industry’s most notable figures.

Career and Education Background

John Goullet is an alumni of Ursinus College. His career started back in the 1990s when he worked as an IT consultant. He later shifted to IT staffing and this enabled him to develop a new perspective of the industry. This inspired him to stake a claim to the vast opportunities in 1994 when he founded Info Technologies, a company which grew to become one of the biggest IT staffing companies in the U.S.

Info Technologies grew rapidly within a period of just five years since its inception; it was worth over $30 million by 1999. It provided IT staffing solutions to companies all over the U.S. including some of the leading Fortune 500 companies. John Goullet served as the company’s CEO until 2010 when it merged with Diversant Inc. to form Diversant LLC.

Present Career

John Goullet has seen his career grow remarkably over the years. Today, he is the chairman and principal of Diversant LLC. He is responsible for much of the company’s operations, and he is involved in decision making processes that determine its growth.

John Goullet’s contribution to the growth of Diversant LLC is substantial. He maintains good relationships with the company’s mainly mid-market clientele base, and he also acts as a role model for employees in different capacities of operation. He is popular for motivating his employees to be innovative in their work. Additionally, he places great emphasis on ethics and stresses the need for respect and discipline within the company.

The entrepreneur and visionary attributes his success partly to his ability to monitor the market, as his company is dedicated to improving service provision. He describes himself as having productive paranoia which enables him to stay ahead of the competition. Diversant LLC is performing remarkably under John Goullet’s leadership, and he promises better things to come as the industry expands with emerging technology.

“Todd Lubar – The Perpetual Entrepreneur”

Todd Lubar is what you could call an “eternal” executive. He has been a part of making various companies successful after joining them.

After attending Sidwell Friends School in Washington, DC and graduating from The Peddie School in Hightstown NJ, he then studied at Syracuse University and garnered a bachelor’s degree in communications.

Todd Lubar got his first job with Crestar Mortgage Corporation and later transferred to The Legacy Financial Group and assisted the Maryland branch of this company to increase their profit to 100 million dollars annually in volume.

He moved on again, accepting a job as Vice President with a division of First Magnus Financial Corp. Lubar stayed within the realm of money mortgages as the industry changed around him.

With years of experience, Todd Legendary Financial LLC, this was put in place to provide people in need, as in individuals who would be tuned down for a loan by traditional loan companies.

Mr. Lubar, invested his own funds in Legendary Financial LLC, to make sure neglected individuals as well as commercial borrowers could have a chance, too.

Although he had a busy schedule working in finance, he had other interest, too.

He enjoyed owning and operating a demolition company, a nightclub business, a recycling enterprise as well as participating in real estate development. He was lauded as one of the top 25 mortgage masterminds, which is a big accomplishment in such a competitive field.

These days, Todd Lubar is the president of TDL Ventures and he lives in Maryland with his two lovely children. His two favorite activities are having fun with his kids and traveling the country.