Susan McGalla is an Inspiration to all

When it comes to hard work and leadership skills, one outstanding individual is American businesswoman and executive consultant from Pittsburg, Pennsylvania, Mrs. Susan McGalla. She was born on May 31st, 1964 in East Liverpool, Ohio; now at 52 years of age, she is proud to have a broad set of business skills acquired through years of dedication. Growing up, Susan McGalla had two older brothers and a father who was a stern football coach who did not cut her any slack just for being a girl. Her parents encouraged Susan to work hard and present her ideas with confidence regardless of the audience. It is a positive thing that she was raised this way because her family wanted her to learn that gender is supposed to be neither helpful nor hindering in one’s career; so she grew up without any preconceptions about gender prejudices (as prevalent as such prejudices can be in the real world.) With this unique edge, Mrs. McGalla grew up being equally comfortable working with both men and women and therefore excelled in cooperating with everyone around in her career.

Susan McGalla began her career at Joseph Home Company, where she worked in various marketing and managerial positions from 1986 to 1994. Later that year she joined American Eagle Outfitters and worked in the capacity of divisional merchandise buyer for women’s clothing. It is important to note that when Mrs. McGalla joined American Eagle, it was predominantly a male company, and there were no women on the board or in executive positions. To her credit, through hard work and dedication, Mrs. McGalla excelled quickly and ultimately become president of American Eagle Outfitters. Her rich experiences in the industry are why she has also been an expert consultant to clients seeking advice on branding, marketing, talent management, and beyond!