The saga of Laidlaw and Company in investment sector

What happens when you combine passionate entrepreneurs and a 170 years old legacy of investment expertise? You end up with a company called Laidlaw and Company. This is one of the leading and most influential investment and brokerage firms in the country which is guided by its competent management including Matthew D. Eitner as Chief Executive Officer, John W. Cooling as Chief Financial Officer and James P. Ahern as Managing Partner & Head of Capital Markets. Under their leadership, the firm has helped hundreds of businesses to grow as well as double up their profit, and they are still going strong.

Laidlaw and Company is one of the oldest and leading full-service investment banking and brokerage firms. They have a wide range of personalized investment services and solutions. Also, they also serve private and public institutions with premium and skillful execution services. The company is headquartered in United States from where its operates in multiple states of USA as well as the United Kingdom. They also provide intuitive and tailored financial solutions and advisory services to some companies.

Since its inception in 1842, Laidlaw and Company has been dedicatedly serving the domestic and international companies through their independent banking and brokerage services. It has been a key player in the success of some companies with its innovative and contemporary solutions. Throughout its operations, the company has evolved its structure and developed new offerings to better serve their clients. At present, the company has more than 150 employees operating in different countries. Although Laidlaw and Company serve in multiple sectors, they have a keen focus on the health care industry.

The company has developed a competent line of expertise in Investment Banking, Institutional Sales, Research and Trading through which it serves its clients. Thanks to its innovative approach, think out of the box capability and market knowledge, they have become the leader among the investment banking and brokerage firms in the USA.