Don Ressler, a Man of Vision

Don Ressler was on his way in 1997 when he sold his successful business to Intermix, the parent company to MySpace which he now owns. Now, it seems he’s on a real roll, having founded TechStyle corporation with his partner and co-CEO Adam Goldenberg. Making a bold move, the two clothing moguls set up shop in El Segundo, California. Having access to an international airport, room to expand and close to the beach to boot, they decided the move was brilliant and haven’t looked back since. Find on

Mr. Ressler has taken on the role of rudder for TechStyle as he controls the companies customer experience, company talent, and vision. Speaking of vision, one of the subsidiaries of TechStyle is JustFab, an all inclusive, E-Commerce business for women’s clothes of all shapes and sizes. The quality of the clothes are second to none and at an affordable price. Sizes range from XS to 3X and are designed to flatter any woman’s shape. Originally carrying only clothes, JustFab has branched out to include accessories, basics, and wide width shoes.

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Like the captain of the industry that Don Ressler is , the product line has since gone global, with markets in the U.K., France, Germany, Sweden, Canada, Denmark & the Netherlands. Going global may not have been possible without the $33,000,000 funding from Matrix Partners they received in 2011. In 2012 they received a combined total of $76,000,000 from Matrix Partners, Rho Ventures, Technology Crossover Ventures and Intelligent Beauty, another company owned by Mr. Ressler.

Just when you think Mr. Ressler’s plate can’t get any fuller, he has now partnered up with the actress Kate Hudson and made a new line of athletic wear for JustFab called Fabletics! In an interview from Brandettes, Mr. Ressler States on, “Our competitive edge is that we are making a premium performance product – I would put our pants next to Lululemon or Athleta any day – but we have done it with style and at a price that makes you feel good buying it.” It’s clear to see, Don Ressler is a force to be reckoned with in the E-commerce clothing industry.

Fabletics VIP For An Updated Fitness Wardrobe

Ever since “athleisure” has become more of a lifestyle than a fashion trend, Fabletics has been the go to in keeping the on the go woman styled in a fashionable and comfortable wardrobe. Fabletics provides women with top to bottom athletic and leisure outfits to keep them looking fresh and feeling good from the yoga studio to the supermarket.

On the Fabletics website, shoppers can choose between shopping as a guest, or shopping as a VIP member. Guests can make a one time purchase and see how they like it, or update their wardrobe when needed. VIP members get more, with more discounts available and points toward freebee items. The VIP membership is also great for the very busy and on the go woman who doesn’t have a ton of time to shop. Every month VIP members have the option to choose their outfit, but if they do not feel like they need new pieces on that particular month, they can easily skip over that month and buy an outfit the following month.

An effortless look to begin your holiday prep. // Lyra Outfit

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For VIP members, there is an exceptional way to shop that makes it even easier than the average shopping experience. A fashion quiz can be taken to determine a shopper’s particular style. Once this is determined the stylists can offer shopper personalized picks that they can scroll through each month. This is like having a personal shopper deliver a catalog to the shopper each month, and they can pick what they truly love and have it delivered to do their door.

All of Fabletics prices are very fair and reasonable so it gives a woman the ability to update her fitness wardrobe each month even on a budget. The designs are colorful, fashion forward, easy to wear, and the pieces are easy to mix and match. This mix and match ability makes it possible to build upon a wardrobe and add pieces in that work together each month. There are pieces for running, yoga, leisure, on the go, and more so there is truly a piece for every reason if someone wants to change up their workout routine.

Fabletics Expansion Reaching Beyond Internet

It’s one thing for a store to find itself doing well, and extend their line out to the online marketplace in order to reach yet untapped customers. Many stores outgrow the walls of their storefront and begin looking online for new avenues of business. The Fabletics brand, of juggernaut parent company JustFab, is breaking outside the online retailer boundaries. That’s right, Fabletics is planning to open a store, many of them actually.

Some details about this expansion beyond the internet borders as outlined in an article earlier this year, cited a plan to open between 75 to 100 stores. The popularity, sales and demand of the Fabletics line in addition to a reverse of the traditional method, where Fabletics is attempting to reach those who don’t necessarily shop online is prompting the expansion.

Fabletics and co-Founder Kate Hudson have hit the ground running, and by merchant standards are still babes in the world of retail and athletic wear. This ‘babe’, however, has taken the world by storm ever since coming under the umbrella of JustFab.

With a style uncommon to most athletic wear. A quality to rival any competitors, and offering there lines at affordable rates has created a niche in the market that has JustFab and the Fabletics line looking at revenues in the half billion dollar range. A combination of influence and star power from Hudson, and great leadership such as that provided by co-CEO Don Ressler along with great products have created a powerful athleisure wear retailer. Like on Facebook:

Keep your eyes open, it will just be a matter of time before this growing and successful retailer will be setting up shop somewhere near you. That is the point of the expansion after all, so access to some of the most trendy, stylish and comfortable athletic wear will be at your fingertips, soon – and literally.