Revolutionizing Finance Advising, Vincent Parascadola

The economic world of today has many players and those players all have different roles within the structure of free trading markets. One of the unsung heroes of this area of commerce is the financial advisors of the world. These leading professionals are responsible for advising large companies on the routes and avenues they should take to increase their productivity and revenue.

One such advisor is the current Senior Executive Vice President of AXA Advisors, Vincent Parascandola. Vincent Parascandola holds a Bachelor of Science Degree from Pace University in New York and has currently returned to school to prove that it is never too late in your life or career for more education.

His career in the financial sector began relatively early in 1987 when he was an agent for Prudential. He worked so hard and learned quite a lot during his time there, so much so that he was named the National Rookie of the Year while employed with Prudential. He moved on to MONY Life Insurance Company in 1990 and stayed on with them, furthering his knowledge and experience until 2004 when he decided to join AXA Advisors.

Before rising to the station of Senior Executive Vice President of AXA Advisors, Vincent was the President of Advantage Groups, a unit of AXA. According to Wallet Hub, at that time he was also the company’s co-manager at the AXA branch, New York Metro. This branch had over 400 officials that he lead which took and still takes exceptional leadership abilities that require one to go above and beyond the normal duty.

Throughout his over 25 year career in the industry he has been awarded several accolades for his exceptional performance. Two of those awards are the GAMA’s Master Agency Award and the Career Development Award. Vincent Parascandola is also a very highly sought after speaker and lecturer for his own company as well as GAMA’s national LAMP Meeting and LIMRA’s distribution conference.

At present his major responsibility with AXA Advisors is to seek out and employ the most skilled individuals for top positions. In addition to adding new talent he is also responsible for maintaining the productivity as well as the actual retention of the employees, ensuring their workplace experiences are positive in nature. Read more about Vincent on

George Soros Helps the African American Community through Black Lives Matter

Black Lives Matter or BLM is one of the leading African American protest organizations within the modern era. This group has been in action since 2013 and has established itself as a major political force within the black community.

Black Lives Matter has its origins in an online slogan. The slogan #BlackLivesMatter began on Facebook and other sites on the internet. African American people took to it right away. The key organizers of this online hashtag phrase were Alicia Garza, Patrisse Cullors, and Opal Tometi.

These three individuals were already involved with a national organization that trains community organizers. The name of this outfit is called Black Organizing for Leadership and Dignity or BOLD. Garza introduced the phrase in a Facebook post that she called A Love Note to Black People.

In the post, she stated: that our lives matter, black lives matter. That when Parisse Cullors started to use the phrase #BlackLivesMatter. All three of these activists began to use the phrase and Black Lives Matter was born. Keep in mind that this online protest was created in response to George Zimmerman’s acquittal in the Treyvon Martin case that took place in 2013.

Black Lives Matter became a prominent political organization during the Michael Brown Protests that took place in 2014. This organization was the most orderly group out the protestors that arrived. After they showed up they were instantly recognized by the media as being the premiere black organization on the scene. They had already attracted the attention of George Soros.

Open Society Foundation is George Soros’s organization that he uses to make donations. This organization has funded hundreds if not thousands of liberal and democratic organizations, groups and individuals. George Soros is a firm believer in societies remaining open or having certain freedoms without the interference of government. He is also a big supporter of liberal causes. Black Lives Matter represents both ideas. Know more on CNBC about George Soros.

He also is a big fan of police reform, public transparency and accountability. These three points are important to the relations between the law enforcement and black communities. Soros does not want governments, police forces and other national organizations to have too much power. Soros grew up in Hungary under Hitler’s regime back in the 40s. He knows the danger that these institutions could impose if left unchecked.

Soros likes Black Lives Matter because this organization is getting the word out about police brutality. The organization gives a powerful voice to the millions of black people that agree with the message. BLM also has a different type of leadership and operational structure. They do not utilize traditional African American structures of leadership. Soros likes this as well.

Most of these structures tend to be on the “conservative” side. Since they are, they are not being influenced by the traditional activist groups that have been around since the 60s. BLM knows that it needs powerful funders such as George Soros. They are very important for helping to keep organizations like these strong and well established.

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BLM continues to be an active force within the black community today. They are growing stronger as each day passes and more than enough people agree with their message. It’s not just black people that endorse this group there are many other racial groups that stand behind it as well. George Soros has helped Black Lives Matter to become one of the best minority social organizations in the 21st century. Read more about George’s life story at

Taking a Look At The Career of David Giertz Up To Now

David Giertz aged 52 is the president National Wide financials sales and distribution organization (NFS Distributors Inc.). His job entails formulating strategies in the organization. He also has the task of seeing the targeted group adopts other services like the insurance and the retirement. His skills and efforts have seen him get promoted to various levels in the organization on Bloomberg. He joined the firm in the year 2004 as the president of financial institutional distributions channel. After servicing in the sector for more than five years, he was added the task of warehouse distribution channel before being promoted to his current seat.

David Giertz’ success has been contributed by him being a product of the University Millikin where he got is an undergraduate degree in business administration and management. Later he joined the Miami University where he got his master’s in business. It prepared him well for the challenges in the workplace. In the workplace; he has also been seen to have the skills in life insurance, finance mutual funds retirements planning among much more.

David’s views on social security

He believes there are many misconceptions regarding the topic of the social security fund. A study conducted showed that a significant number of persons who were retiring were not conversant about the issue. David thinks that the social security fund is meant to help in later years and should not be seen as a retirement plan. He urges the persons to try to find or formulate retirement plan. He believes that the confusion arises in the coincidence of the retirement age and the age at which you start taking the social security fund.

A study conducted by his firm indicated that the health factor was a primary cause of failure to have the planned retirement benefit according to The corresponded stated that the ailments caught up with the earlier hence they were unable to plan well for their retirement. It got noted that working with the advisors played a significant role in having a successful retirement plan. The expert encourages one to delay collecting the social security funds as they usually have high interest in later years.

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Tod Lubar, a Versatile Finance Professional

The President of Global Ventures, LLC. is Todd Lubar. He

is also the Senior Vice President of Legendary Investments. From 1977 to 1987,

he went to Sidwell Friends School located in Washington DC. Later, he went to

The Peddie School, Hightstown in New Jersey. After that, he went to Syracuse

University where he acquired a B.A. degree in Speech Communications in 1995. He

began his professional career by joining Crestar Mortgage Corporation and continued

working there until 1999. After that, he joined Legacy Financial Group. It was

an Arlington-based group that needed to establish its Maryland office for a

huge amount of financial management. Lubar continued working with Legacy Group

until 2005. The same year he joined Charter Funding as Senior Vice President.

Charter Funding is a division of Arizona-based First Magnus Financial

Corporation. He worked there for two years. During that time, the mortgage industry was going through many ups

and downs. It was surprising for many people that he decided to go to Priority

Financial services to buy money mortgage origination.


The primary focus of Tod Lubar during his entire career

was mortgage banking. However, he was also involved in several companies of

demolition sector, real estate development, recycling industry, and night club

business. For many years, Lubar was

considered one of the twenty-five originators of mortgage in the United States.

Due to his versatile experience in many industries, he learned how to run a

business and how to be successful in any situation. Now, he has also entered

another industry which is about helping the needy people. He is also serving as

the President of TDL Ventures.


He lives in Bethesda,

Maryland with his two beautiful children. His favorite place is Orange County,

California. His favorite activities after work are

traveling and spending time with his children. When asked about his plans for

the future, he said that he wants to be a person than he is. He also wants to

add value to everything he interacts with in his life. One of the reasons he chose to finance

and Real Estate was his inner desire to help other people.