David Giertz’s three key points to effective planning for retirement

The statistic shows that most people cannot imagine the kind of life they are likely to lead after retirement. The lifestyle can either be good or bad depending on your planning when you are in employment.

David Giertz, a financial planner from Ohio with master’s degree in planning as well as a coach of business, leaders gives an elaborate and comprehensive way of planning for retirement money. He argues that when efficiently planning, one should consider three key points:

In his advice, David Giertz said that evaluation of financial health is mandatory for proper retirement planning. An individual need to make an appropriate comparison between the total amount he earns versus the total expenditure including the debt repayment in a given a given duration. In case the expenses are higher than earnings, then it means that you will have nothing to save. If you are in such condition, you need to reduce the expenditure by operating on a lean budget to enables you to save retirement.

Apart from evaluating the financial health, he persuades the youth to take advantage of compound interest by beginning to save as early as possible to accumulate more money through compound interests by adding more money. Upon retirement, all the collected wealth are made tax free and also earn interest at a given rate. The more the savings, the more the interests earned because it is directly proportional to the deposited amount as given in the commercial arithmetic formulae. Apart from the increase in the deposited amount, more savings also increases the number of years used in computing the interest.

Most people should understand the first two points and be much willing to save a lot for retirement but cannot succeed in saving enough cash due to little income from mainstream employment. David Giertz advises such people to have a side gig or business that he describes as a hobby businesses. These enterprises include computer games, online writings, among others business ventures. These enterprises are beneficial because of the act as a source of extra income for the family, they help in proper utilization of leisure time and makes him/her enjoy himself/herself.

Richard Blair Helps Investors Gain Perspective

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He is well-versed in the area of financial planning because he has an extensive background in the investment world. He has helped many others make better choices when it comes to how they will make better choices for their funds.


One thing that investors must realize is that this is something that people need to start doing early. The investor that has started to make choices to invest early will have the benefits of compound interest that come with building portfolios that depend on returns on investment. People can expect to have a greater amount of money for all of their investments if they take the time to connect with someone that knows the market well.


What Richard Blair can tell anyone that is investing is that the market is volatile. It changes from time to time so one can put everything into one company or industry and expect a constant return. Blair realizes this is the downfall for many people that are unfamiliar with the stock market. They may come across a hot stock tip from a friend or family member and put all of their money in one place. It is true that there are companies like Amazon and Google that have been growing at a tremendous rate, but even these companies experience a downturn at some point in time.


People that have failed to get acquainted with these companies in their portfolios before the stock became successful will often find that it is unwise to invest later on. The stock prices in these scenarios are for companies that have expensive stocks that will not provide the return on investment that the average middle-class investor is expecting. Learn more: https://www.crunchbase.com/person/richard-blair


Richard Blair can help those people that maybe trying to invest a little and get a lot in return. He can lead more investors towards mutual funds that may have interest rates that are three times what a certificate of deposit would have at a bank. He can also guide people with stock market investing.