Keith Mann Raises Substantial Money and Support for Uncommon Schools

Keith Mann has been extremely successful in running his executive search firm Dynamics Search Partners. Keith Mann does a bit more than handle the business end of the firm. He is also heavily involved with philanthropic causes. A fantastic scholarship has been set up with Brooklyn’s Uncommon Schools, a charter school system. The scholarship is intended to help one graduating senior from each of the Uncommon Schools chapters in Brooklyn.

Mann has also worked hard at raising funds for the schools. Recently, Mann teamed up with various professionals in the financial services industry to raise roughly $22,000 for Uncommon Schools.

What is even more impressive here is the $22,000 was raised at a single fundraising event at the Standard Hotel Beer Garden.

The goal of Uncommon Schools is to help young low-income students gain access to college. College tuition is extremely expensive. Scholarships provide a vital and valuable way to lower the costs of tuition. Only through the proper academic preparedness can students effectively apply for these scholarships. Uncommon Schools is home to the proper academic environment intended to help students learn.

Funding is vital for Uncommon Schools to run its day-to-day operations in an effective manner. Keith Mann’s financial support is extremely helpful to those hoping for a means of delivering such funding.

Prior to becoming the founder and managing director of Dynamics Search Partners, Mann ran the Alternative Investments Division for Dynamic Associates. Today, through Dynamics Search Partners, Mann helps staff hedge fund entities with the skilled executives such companies require.

A great many students in the New York area are going to benefit greatly from the work all these partners perform.

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Keith Mann Looks To Continue The Success Of The Uncommon Schools

The Uncommon Schools charitable program that manages 42 high schools across northeastern states in the U.S. has seen a continued level of support from financial recruitment specialist Keith Mann and his Dynamic Search Partners company. An article from PR Newswire details the latest fund raiser organized by New York based Keith Mann and his colleagues at Dynamic Search Partners; under the leadership of Keith Mann members of the financial industry in New York attended an event at the Standard Hotel Beer Garden that raised $22,000 for the Uncommon Schools program.

Keith Mann formed the Dynamic Search Partners in 2001 after spending a number of years working as a recruitment specialist for the financial industry in New York and across the world. Mann has seen his business become one of the most important for the financial industry in the world after linking over 2,000 executives with investment companies over the life of the company.

Mann does not only spend his time concerned with his business, but has also looked to become a major part of the community across New York through his involvement in a series of charitable programs. Keith Mann has been a major supporter of law enforcement in New York having provided meals for officers across the city in a bid to show his appreciation for the work of these individuals.

The Uncommon Schools is dedicated to providing the best possible education for students from low income families who are hoping to achieve a college level education. The $22,000 raised by Keith Mann and Dynamic Search Partners will be added to a standing donation of $10,000 from the company, which will be used by the Uncommon Schools management team to complete all the needed testing for students looking for educational assistance prior to attending college level classes. Keith Mann has revealed he became a supporter of the Uncommon Schools after touring various institutions managed by the program and being impressed by the drive of the students to attend college and start successful careers in the future.

Why Avi Weisfogel launch the GoFundMe promotion

There are very many young children all over the world who are suffering from severe deformities such as clefts lips, cleft palate, and many others. Most of these kids or young adults who identified with such conditions are not able to get enough medical treatment or surgery because of lack of money. And to some extend some are even ignored and rejected by their parents. You don’t want to imagine the kind of pain such children go through. Thanks to people like Avi Weisfogel who have kind hearts and willing to support such kids in the community.

Mr. Weisfogel is a dentist by profession based in Old Bridge. His passion for helping is not something he adapted, but it’s something in him. He has helped many people to get sufficient dental care services. And his love aids him in choosing operation smile to benefit from his GoFundMe campaign

Avi Weisfogel is so delighted to publicize the inaugurate of a GoFundMe promotion crusade aiming to facilitate Operation Smile, which is an international medical charity association who is devoted to providing freely surgical procedures to such children. Their services are not only available for young kids, but they are also extended to young adults who are suffering from such facial deformities.

Mr. Avi has set up a target of $2000 which he expect through this campaign, and the primary motive of the operation smile is to ensure that every child has hope for a brighter and healthier tomorrow through their unending support. Recently, Mr. Weisfogel spoke in an interview on how operation smile firmly believe every child has the right to excellent surgery care and more importantly they must be treated in the same way you treat your kids.

Finally, In addition to the above, they also want to make sure every child is well prepared mentally and physically that in whatever they go through in life, they must never lose hope. The organization works both hospitals, local medical professionals, government and also many other organizations. They are very much determined to come up with the best and efficient solutions which will be accessible to all children and Mr. Avi chose Operation Smile the benefactor of GoFundMe promotion he is running is because he also wants all children to get medical care and due to his great contribution, many child are now smiling and happy.

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George Mason University Becomes Koch Favorite

While the Koch brothers have supported a number of different charities, and universities over the years, one university is quickly becoming a favorite for them; George Mason University.

George Mason University is a private school located a short distance from Washington D.C and is considered to be particularly strong in areas such as law and economics. While there have been a significant number of successful alumni from George Mason University the school is not thought of as a conservative school. This is important because Charles Koch is thought of particularly in accordance with their donations to conservative causes.

The Koch brothers, David and Charles, are multi billionaires who are the majority owners of Koch Industries which earns close to $120 billion per year in revenue. Koch industries is a diversified conglomerate but is centered in the energy industry. The Koch brothers are well known for contributing significant amounts of money to conservative republican political groups. Many of the causes Charles Koch supports are concerned with the expanse of government and are interested in promoting individual growth and development for the good of themselves, as well as for society at large.

Their beliefs and the basic profile of George Mason University as an educational center for higher education is not inconsistent with their belief system. What is inconsistent about the donations to George Mason University is the amount of the donations to this one university.

As an example of the move towards George Mason University if you view the schools that received money from the Koch brothers in recent years, George Mason University emerges as number one with close to $50 million received during the time of 2011 to 2014. No other school received more than $1 million in each year during the time period stated. Since neither Koch brother is an alumni of the school there is little to explain why George Mason University received so much to the school.

The school has recently received a $10 million contribution from the Koch Foundation, along with $20 million from an unnamed donor, in order to rename their law school after the recently deceased conservative Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia. While this donation is set aside for the law school, no other gift from Koch had other stipulations assigned to it.