IAP Worldwide Services in Close Review

With a goal of making the impossible possible, IAP strives to solve the most demanding challenges of its public and private clients. It specializes in providing facilities management, advanced technical and professional services and global statistics to organizations and government agencies. The company is spread out in approximately twenty-five countries, with an employee base of two thousand people.

IAP Worldwide has been in business for over sixty years, building an unrivaled reputation as being reliable and responsive to the customers’ needs. It is known to not only meet its clients’ needs, but also exceed them. The strategy for success employed by IAP is to adopt its customers’ mission as its own, channeling its passion, experience and conviction to yield outstanding results.

As a method of giving back to the community and its clients, IAP is active in performing its corporate social responsibility duties. To the community, it gives back through taking care of the environment, participating in fundraising and helping volunteers in areas that have faced catastrophes. To its clients,majority of who are the military, the company gives back by employing its veterans.

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IAP is a big believer in teamwork. It is always looking for people or businesses it can partner with to help better deliver its services. It believes that the partners will bring with them much needed expertise and access to industries and markets which would have otherwise been inaccessible to them and its clients.

The success of IAP is attributed by having board directors who embody the mission and values of the company. The current Board has ten members who are led by the Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Douglas Kitani. The board of directors works tirelessly to ensure that IAP clients are fully satisfied.

Other than from the Board of Directors, the success of IAP also stems from its highly skilled and committed workforce. The men and women at IAP Worldwide work in cooperation, with dedication and equality, to achieve the companies’ mission. To ensure the continued dedication of the employees, IAP equips them with the necessary knowledge and resources to handle their duties safely and to the best of their ability.

In IAP’s endeavor to grow, it recently acquired the Tactical Communications & Network Solutions business (TCNS) located in Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD and DRS Technologies, Inc.’s (DRS) Aviation and Logistics business based in Oklahoma City, OK (A&L). The motive behind the acquisitions was to integrate the talent and the unique capabilities of the firms with that of IAP.

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