Penelope Kokkinides And Her Inspiration On InnovaCare

Rick Shinto is that the president and business executive of InnovaCare. He has been the business executive of alternative health organizations since 2008 thus he encompasses a long record of expertise within the health care field. He started his career quite twenty years past and has benefited from his alternative experiences on the approach. He started by doing clinical health care and operational health care. Before becoming a business executive, he served as business executive and VP at numerous alternative health care organizations.


Penelope Kokkinides is serving as one of the main executive officers at InnovaCare Health and she is doing a superb job at her duty of constructing selections. Her twenty years within the health care field have helped her create the proper changes required for the business to thrive. The clinical data she has gained in her period have given her the keen ability to form clinical health care programs and governmental programs. Penelope Kokkinides attained her undergraduate degree from Binghampton University in Biology and Classical Languages. She went on to earn multiple Master’s degrees and has turned the health care profession into her life’s work. See Related Link for additional information.


In an interview, she unconcealed what a day sounds like for her, and it involves abundant thinking and planning for contingencies. On a daily basis, her day is totally different. Thus, she is incredibly pliable in her planning. Throughout her hurried schedule, plenty of traveling to business meetings and seeing patients holds her attention. She maintains her focus and productivity and gets the maximum amount done in any given day. She says that she couldn’t live if she did not have her phone and tablet chargers.


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This can be a result of her consistently using her mobile phone for important communications. They’re necessary tools for her work. There’ll usually be a day with multiple appointments set, thus she is going to receive emergency calls concerning those deadlines. She keeps her peace of mind through it all by sticking to her plans and staying in the moment.


Penelope Kokkinides is in a position to bring her concepts to life because of the good team at InnovaCare. They work along with her to form the things that make health care great.



Imran Haque Career in Medicine

Imran Haque is a prominent and caring medical professional who has been offering outstanding medical services to patients in the United States. Imran specializes in internal medicine, and he has already assisted millions of people in the world. He is also highly trained and at the same time licensed to practice medicine in Northern Carolina. His medical qualifications have been instrumental in his career life. According to Imran, the medical degree was received from the well-known University of Virginia. Imran Haque also went for more medical studies from Universidad Iberoamericana, based in Santo Domingo. At the moment, the medic is practicing at an institution known as Horizon Internal Medicine.

In his line of work, the businessman has been focusing on treating the people who have different types of medical conditions. For the last fifteen years, the doctor has earned a high level of experience, and he has also treated very many people. The expertise he has acquired in the last decade has helped him to deal with several complex medical examinations and illnesses from his patients. Whenever a patient visits him at the hospital, they will easily recognize that Imran is very dedicated and caring. The professional is fully committed to serve the residents of Carolina who visit him whenever they are not feeling well.

In a recent interview, Imran says that the idea of his business started when he was still very young. As an upcoming medical professional, Imran was given an opportunity to serve in a medical practice, and this gave him the opportunity to offer medical services that are not available to the residents locally. After a short while, the businessman received a lot of positive reviews from his satisfied customers. The experience inspired him to give back to the medical community, and he has never looked back.

According to the businessman, bringing an easy idea into life is not a walk in the park. An individual has to work hard with a lot of diligence, do thorough research and look for the financial means to make the dream a reality. Imran believes that a professional has to be patient and very organized so that they can achieve success.

About USHEALTH Group and Its Advisors

The USHEALTH Group, which has its headquarters in Fort Worth, TX, offers its services to the people through its capable subsidiaries of the National Foundation Life insurance and Freedom Life insurance Company of America. Through these companies, the group has been able to have a positive impact on the lives of over 15 million people for about 50 years.


Its Products


When it comes to personalized coverage, companies under this group understand that each person has unique challenges. The group believes in offering choice. That is why they have made it possible for customers to have a huge number of options from which to choose from, for their health care needs. The wide array of products offered by the group makes it possible for them to address the needs of customers for affordable, reliable, and flexible insurance cover.

For customers that may be worried about high annual deductibles before they can begin to receive the benefits of their insurance plan, they need not worry. The group has a wide array of products that offer first dollar benefits to their customers. The plans are usually quite affordable compared to comprehensive plans while still offering customers first dollar cover.

For customers that desire the security of a tailored coverage and can afford some cost sharing, the USHEALTH Group of companies has a wide selection of specific solutions. These cover specific diseases and accidents. They are designed to be flexible, reliable, and affordable, which is in line with the goals of USHEALTH.

No matter the kind of health coverage you choose, the group will assist you to enhance your cover with numerous ancillary products such as specified disease, accident, income protector, term life insurance, and vision plus.

In an insurance market that is known for its high customer turnover and low loyalty, the group aims to create lasting relationships with customers. They want to be an ally to customers by delivering consistently and being dependable at all times.


About USHEALTH Advisors


The USHEALTH Group and its family of companies have a commitment to offering personalized products to all customers. These products are delivered to its customers through USHELATH Advisors. This is wholly owned by the group, which means any agents are also working for USHEALTH Group. The agents undergo extensive training on the products that the group has on offer before they can be authorized to reach out to potential clients.

Their commitment to offering personalized information to customers has earned them global recognition. Each day, the group is seeing its customer base grow as more customers realize that uniquely tailored products are what they need to afford healthcare. It is especially so in a world characterized by rising health care costs. Contact them today to see if they have any products that might be of interest to you.

The Stellar Reputation And Services Provided By USHEALTH Advisors

USHEALTH Advisors is headquartered in Fort Worth, Texas. They specialize in providing their clients with innovative insurance for life, sickness, disease, disability and accidents. They serve individuals who are self-employed, small businesses, and families. All of their plans are tailored to suit the needs of their clients.


Their insurance for specified disease, sickness, and accidents is designed to promote customer choice and reflects the customers needs. Clients have the ability to choose whichever options are most appropriate for their circumstances. The plans incorporate an innovation in design that is affordable, flexible, and reliable.


For clients concerned with budgets and high annual deductibles there are products available covering a substantial network discount through numerous providers. These first dollar benefit plans are less expensive than plans with a more comprehensive coverage yet still provide protection.


Customers seeking more tailored coverage for security are offered unique selections and solutions that have become a substantial part of USHEALTH Advisors commitment to reliability, flexibility and customer satisfaction.


USHEALTH Advisors has built a reputation on enhancing the protection of their customers with a full and varied line of ancillary products including Accident, Income Protector, Vision Plans, Dental Plans, Short Term Accident Disability Income, Critical Illness, Term Life Insurance, and Specified Disease and Sickness. They build customer loyalty and develop relations with their customers that last for the long term. Their personal attention to their clients have given them recognition in the business world and supported their innovation, growth, and customer care.


USHEALTH Advisors believe in the uniqueness of their customers and that the one size fits all philosophy usually does not work. This is the reason they have chosen to offer solutions that are not only affordable but meet the specific needs of their clients. They give their clients the ability to choose their own plan and their claim processing and customer service are exceptional and have become the envy of the world of the insurance industry. They have earned an A+ rating through the Better Business Bureau their stellar reputation and the quality of the services they provide. This is a company that truly places their customers first.

How Renown Health Helps the People of Northern Nevada

Renown Health, the largest nonprofit healthcare network in Northern Nevada, has opened a new family practice clinic in South Reno. This clinic, which is housed inside of The Summit Mall, will provide primary physician care. It is designed to be easily expandable not only in the services it provides but also in the layout of the clinic.

The new clinic features a waiting area that has the look and feel of a family’s living room with comfortable seating. It also has a conference room where patients can consult with the staff on their medical care. The clinic is staffed with 11 medical professionals but the leaders of the organization have plans to add at least one more doctor and another nurse in the near future. Click here to know more.

There is a lot of uncertainty going on right now in the healthcare industry as Republican’s say they want to tear up the Affordable Care Act and replace it with something else they haven’t adequately defined. The Medical Director of Renown Medical Group, Dr. McCormack, has said that the uncertain politics that has gone on in Washington D.C. has resulted in his company taking a wait and see approach before fully committing to any particular plan for this new family practice clinic as well as their other existing clinics. Once there is some certainty they have the capability of modifying what services they offer and how much staff they will have at the site.

Renown Health is the only nonprofit network providing medical services to the community of Reno, Nevada. Everything that they earn is put back into their network so that the community is better served. As they also don’t have to satisfy shareholders first like most businesses they are able to put the primary focus on the patients that they serve.

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