*Talkspace Services Examined:

Talkspace is an online mobile organization that is currently headquartered out of New York City. This on line organization has been in business for about five years. Talkspace can be easily accessed through any computer or you can quickly download their app to your Android or Smartphone device.

Irvin Yalom is an well known Satnford University Psychiatrist. Dr. Yalom is an advocate of services such as Talkspace. The doctor believes that more people can be helped and possibly more lives can ultimately be saved if more people take the time to learn about as well as utilize services such as Talkspace.

Talkspace is an important resource that can be utilized by those experiencing depression and other psychological problems. Talkspace gives someone who is troubled an outlet and a place to receive helpful advice and counseling. There are trained specialists available through the web site to answer questions and provide insight on how to better deal with certain problems and issues.

Users can utilize Talkspace services by filling out a general information form. Once the information is reviewed by a Talkspace representative, the person seeking help will be put in touch with someone who can hopefully help them. Users will receive real professional services from the comfort of their own home.

There is a charge for Talkspace services. For example, if you are seeking some basic advice on how to resolve a problem the fee would probably start at $35.00. If a person requires at least two sessions per day with a psychotherapist of course the cost would be greater. However, from a financial standpoint you are saving a great deal of money by using Talkspace as opposed to seeing a Physician face to face. Psychiatrists can run in upwards of $300 an hour. Therefore, Talkspace is perfect for those on a budget or those with inadequate insurance coverage. does accept most major credit cards. For additional information on the services that Talkspace provides please see