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A new clinic from Renown Health is opening in The Summit Mall in South Reno. This clinic is an extension of the Renown Health network and will provide patients with a comfortable setting where they feel at-home. The spacious clinic includes three storefronts in the mall, allowing for plenty of room to accommodate patients in an inviting atmosphere. The facility will open with the capabilities of providing primary care services, along with a lab for testing, but will have enough space to possibly add other health care services later on. Upon opening, the new Renown Health clinic will have a staff of 11 with plans to add another physician and nurse practitioner in the near future.

Renown Health is a company that has been providing health care services to the Reno area for many years. They are the only locally-governed and non-profit healthcare network in Northern Nevada. This allows them to provide patients with personalized care based on individual needs. Patients who see the best medical professionals at one of their many facilities can form a close relationship with their provider, which allows better overall care. Renown Health is dedicated to caring for the community through their Renown Foundation which offers community support programs, volunteer projects, and financial assistance for patients from donors in the area.

The Renown Health Network has many different facilities in the area, including several primary care clinics to care for patients’ basic health needs. They also have the Renown Children’s Hospital which is the only of it’s kind in the area with an ER dedicated to caring for children. The Renown Health network also includes an institute for cancer treatment, an institute for cardiovascular care, and occupational health care facilities. Renown Health is prepared to offer health care services to all of those living in the Reno area.

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A Lifetime Of Expertise Helps Edward Honig Connect With Cardiology Patients


Cardiologists are medical professionals who specialize in conditions of the heart and the body’s pulmonary system. The complexity of the heart, and its role in regulating the most vital system in the body, is a great illustration of the job of cardiologist.


Most people will have their first encounter with a cardiologist’s services because of a referral by another general practitioner, or internist who sees the potential for problems related to the heart. These referrals can arise because of conditions ranging from irregular beat patterns, to non-typical heart functions caused by stress and chronic conditions.


The offices of Edward Honig can provide specialized care for people who need the attention of cardiology specialists. Many people are referred to this office for a set of specific needs and concerns. These needs prompt people to find the best heart health care possible when needed the most.


When choosing the most suitable cardiologist clinic for a specific need, it is important to understand the exact role of a medical professional who addresses heart conditions. The most important factor to consider is experience. Edward Honig of the Glen Cove Hospital in Glen Cove, NY is a great example of a cardiologist who owns decades of practice knowledge, and uses this knowledge to educate patients.


When new heart patients search for a cardiologist who can help them negotiate the trials of living with a heart condition, they should look for the following qualities.


* Professionals who specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of specific heart maladies.

* Voluntary involvement in home clinic locales that are accessible to a wide range of patients.

* Success in roles as internists, lead surgeons, and post-operative therapeutic coordinators.

* Expert specialization in heart issues that affect either gender.

* A reputation for being open and communicative with present and former patients.


Cardiologists like Edward Honig who have been working in the cardiology field for decades, offer many care options for people who have little experience in working with medical professionals like cardiologists. The example he sets is perfect for creating an environment where patients feel comfortable in finding the heart specialist who can offer the most versatile range of services for a particular condition. Not all cardiologists are alike, and patients should spend time interviewing several to ensure proper care.


Why Innovacare Is Considered To Be a Top Choice of Health Insurance Plans For Anybody

There’s no doubts about the fact that our health should be considered as being our number one priority in life. Whether one has awareness of it or not, the decisions that they make in attaining certain types of healthcare can have effects on whether or not they will be able to live long and healthy lives. From simply knowing that you are covered by an optimal level of a health care plan you can live a life of high quality and opportunities.

Innovacare Health is a number one choice for citizens all across the nation. They offer some of the nations highest qualities of medicare advantage plans and services of physicians practices. It’s important to know that there are a myriad of things that you can do to ensure that you’re enrolling in their medicare advantage plans or taking advantage of their physician services if needed. There are certain types of injuries that may call for the services of the physicians services that they offer. In such case, it’s important to note that you can see what types of injuries or ailments they cover in their service practices.

Innovacare Medicare Advantage plans are perhaps some of the best priced health insurance plans available in the market today. However, potential customers/members may want to see if there are deals available as the company constantly strives towards providing potential and current customers with the best deals that they’re able to provide.

Dr. Rick Shinto is currently the CEO of Innovacare Health. He was given the award of Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the year award in the year of 2012. It was given to him to to the excellence that he demonstrated in various different areas, such as innovation, financial performance, and personal commitments to businesses and communities. Read more about this on BusinessWire.

Please feel free to see what Innovacare about today. If you’re unsure about signing up for the health programs that are made available by them, please contact one of the help desk professionals as they’ll be glad to provide assistance to you as needed. You may find that some of the details that are provided on their website may assist you tremendously as well.

The Versatility of Shea Butter Will Amaze You×768.jpg

No matter what the weather conditions may be your skin deserves to feel good. Still, we often find ourselves having to switch out products seasonally because what works great in the colder months doesn’t work too well in the middle of summer. This is what makes shea butter such an amazing product, it has the versatility that can be used any time of year in may different ways. You don’t need a cabinet full of half-used beauty products that expire due to lengthy periods of non-use. Shea butter has everything that your skin needs, all year long. You’ll enjoy the benefits of using it so much that you won’t want to miss out on a day of rubbing it into your skin.

Shea butter is especially effective as a skin moisturizer. The shea nut from which shea butter is derived has a host of vitamins and antioxidants that delivers maximum hydration to your skin that will not only keep your skin from being dry in the winter, but you’ll also notice healthier looking, more supple skin in the summer. Speaking of summer, the levels of SPF in shea butter also makes it a great product for protecting your skin from sun exposure.

Those who suffer from psoriasis or eczema know how much a pain either of these conditions can be in any season. Applying shea butter to areas affected by psoriasis or eczema can help to heal these conditions much to the delight of users. The anti-inflammatory properties will help you to soothe away severe dryness and bacteria with ease.

If you need to stock up on shea butter, don’t just grab any brand. Get the best. Eu’Geneia Shea is one of the latest additions to the shea butter market, but the locally sourced ingredients used in each jar proves that this is a brand that only operates in excellence.

You can choose the size and level of shea impact needed to suit your personal needs best. Eu’Genia Shea uses raw unrefined shea butter from Ghana. The company was founded in 2014 by a mother-daughter duo who are committed to maintaining the legacy of their beloved ‘Grandma Sunshine’s’ shea butter secret as they help women locally and all over the world to look and become the best versions of themselves.