Last “Immigrant Crossing Sign” Mysteriously Gone

If you’re looking to see some “immigrant crossing signs” on your trip to California, you may be bitterly disappointed. The last sign, which was located in San Diego near the border, is now gone. It was near the Ysidro Border crossing, near Interstate 5.

The sign quietly vanished in late 2017, and nobody knows who took it. Sanctioned crews did not remove it, so it is assumed that the sign has been stolen.

The signs were originally put up to warn drivers of immigrants running across the highway. Throughout the years, these signs have been vandalized and stolen, though they were constantly replaced by the transportation department. Eventually, the department stopped replacing them after fences were built to keep immigrants from taking on the dangerous pursuit of running across the highway.

The signs were yellow, diamond shaped and had a cartoonish, black silhouette of a Mexican family running. The silhouette showed a man with mustache, a mother and a little girl with pigtails. The signs looked so whimsical that it is no surprise that many of them were stolen.

It is also no surprise that such an image has offended people. Some people believe that the cartoonish, whimsical nature of it mocks Mexicans. This issue is especially hot because nowadays, an enormous microscope is put on how people would feel negatively about this sort of thing. Things that are completely politically incorrect now were not as politically incorrect—or were perhaps even acceptable, as recently as just several years ago.