George Soros Foundation Fouls Sabotage Attempt

George Soros founded the open society in 1979 after he had made enough money. His success was from his hedge fund business. Soros has always been a promoter of a free society and his ambitions lead him to form Open Society Foundation. The organization aim was to liberate people from authoritarian forms of government. George Soros understands that the world is imperfect, and consequently founded Open Society Foundation.

Open Society Foundation has in the past faced numerous challenges due to its pro-democracy stands. Many governments have always seen open society foundation as a threat. In Russia, the organization was banned and accused of posing a threat to the state and the Russian constitution.

Recently the organization thwarted an attempt by James O’Keefe to infiltrate it. O’Keefe plan was discovered after he failed to hang up his phone. In the audio, O’Keefe is heard identifying himself as Victor Kesh. He left a message after he had made the call but then forgot to disconnect the phone after the call. O’Keefe blander lead him to be discovered as he is heard telling an identified person of his plan to infiltrate Open Society Foundation.

In the voicemail, O’Keefe says to Dana Geraghty that he would like to get involved with what the organization and help them with their caused to promote European values. O’Keefe identifies himself as a Hungarian-American. O’Keefe then leaves then a contact and asks someone to contact him.

After the call, Geraghty heard O’Keefe say to another person that he was in not to say anything until he hanged up the phone. However, incidentally, he forgot to disconnect the phone and all the conversation that he had after that was recorded.

The whole conversation recorded lasted about 10 minutes, and all the plans were about infiltrating the organization. In the audio, he is heard planning how they will make many similar phone calls as the one he had made.
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O’Keefe real identity was discovered after he was tried to open Geraghty LinkedIn page to get information to infiltrate the organization. But Geraghty was able to identify him as his attempts resulted in him revealing his own LinkedIn account.

Geraghty was stunned to hear the plans of these men and even shocking was that they planned to use her. She adds that the men, however, did not seem to be conversant with technology.

Afterward Geraghty forwarded the voicemail to the president of the foundation Chris Stone. Chris did criticize the attempt to scum Geraghty. He also added that the behaviors of the men were not funny even though their amateurish attempts were laughable.

The founder of Open Society Foundation George Soros is also the chairman and founder of Soros Foundation. Soros was born in 1930 in Budapest. He is a survivor of the world war II during the Nazi occupation. George Soros moved to England in 1947 and graduated from the London School of Economics. He later relocated to the United States and settled. It is while in the US that was able to accumulate his vast wealth. Source: