Visit California Wants To Attract More Affluent Travelers

At the most recent International Luxury Travel Market (ILTM) in Cannes, Visit California presented a marketing initiative entitled “California: The Golden State of Luxury.” This paper and the accompanying video were targeted at travelers who make more than $250,000 a year.


It’s clear from this initiative that California wants to remind the world that it was the first premier luxury travel destination in the modern world. The team at Visit California said that they view their travel plan as “laid-back luxury,” which means focusing on local food, outdoor adventures, as well as the traditional spas and high-class resorts one associates with luxury travel.


Visit California’s main goal with this paper isn’t to exclude budget travelers. Rather, Visit California wants to remind more affluent travel agents and travelers that the Californian luxury market is still very strong in terms of cuisine, hospitality, and originality. Visit California executives reminded the panel that Californian wines were the first to successfully compete with European wines, and California was the birthplace of the artisanal food phenomenon.


Today, every luxury destination in the world has copied the innovations made by California in the 1980s. Such features as outdoor dining, environmental sustainability, experimental architecture, and a focus on healthy cuisine all started in the Golden State.


This new paper from Visit California argues that California is still a unique luxury travel destination. The Visit California staff wants all tourism offices in the state to focus on communicating that message to high-end luxury travelers.


Although the so-called “super affluent” only account for three percent of California’s consumer base, they make up a whopping 14 percent of its revenue.


The way Visit California wishes to bring high-end travelers back to their market is to emphasize California’s unique “laid-back” brand of luxury. This means the Visit California advertising will most likely focus on the natural wonders of California and vacation options with less glamorous pretense.