The importance of speaking to your clients about Social Security

A circumstance that is becoming more common in our daily lives is seeing people that have been employed for most of their adult lives retire with nothing in the bank and no investments in their portfolios either. To make matters even worse, there are those that qualify for different forms of compensation from the federal government, yet they aren’t in a position to access these payments because they do not understand how the system works. David Giertz also states that lower income earning individuals“>Giertz, an experienced investor and advisor says that it is vital for investors to advise their clients on the importance of social security.

First, there is the fact that one receives from the social security according to what they used to earn in the past. There are people that like minimizing their earnings in the books so as to pay fewer taxes according to While that will have a few short term benefits, it will work against them in the long run and they will end up receiving less than they could have had they paid their taxes obediently.

Then, people need to know that the method used in calculating ones earnings depends on the inflation rates on If you earned about $10000 in the nineties, it will be adjusted to about $20000 to factor in the inflation that has taken place over the years.

Giertz also states that lower income earning individuals need to take advantage of the system as it favors them greatly. The ironic thing about this group of people is that they are the ones that are most ignorant about the benefits of the system. It is also important, according to David Giertz, to note that one can be eligible for more than three types of benefits depending on their situation. Proper education on how the system works is the best way to deal with mistakes that could lead to disqualification at

Igor Cornelsen’s Investment Advice

Igor Cornelsen is a renowned investment banker known for his work in major banking institutions in Brazil and around the world. Igor was involved in managing a huge percentage of Brazil’s gross economy. Igor is currently a consultant for both investment and banking industries. He also formed Bainbridge Group, an institute that offers advice and direction to up start investors. Based in South Florida, Igor spends most of his time golfing and occasionally returns to the investment markets. Let us look at some of the tips that Igor offers to aspiring Investors.



Avoid Investments that Translate to Losses



Investment involves the risk of losing money. However, even though you cannot avoid some risks, you should significantly reduce the chances of suffering from any given risk. If an investment is costing you more than you are earning, get out of it. One of the rules of investments is not to lose money.



Do Not Waste Time



Investment is not age sensitive. Anyone can invest in a profitable venture. Igor Cornelsen advises people to start sooner than later. He advises against putting off investment for the future and encourages people to do it now.



Diversify Your Investment Portfolio



According to Igor, investors should be able to commit to different portfolios. This helps one minimize their risks. At least when one venture pays off handsomely and another ends up in losses, you are able to break even. On the brighter side, a person with a diversified portfolio is likely to earn revenue from many different sources. While an investor should make sound investments, they should also engage in risky ventures.



Get Professional Advice



Igor has been in the investment business for quite some time to know that to succeed you need professional advice. He believes that it is only after you have gained a wealth of knowledge in investment that you can be able to do it on your own.



Investment is not easy task and takes knowledge of the markets and patience to succeed. Igor Cornelsen defied the odds to become one of the greatest investors in Brazilian history. The tips Igor has outlined above will help any wanna be investor succeed in their venture.



A Savvy Investment Banker Provides a Detailed Account of What Happens When an IPO Transaction Occurs:

The public offering of a company also goes by the relative term of IPO. Once the investment banking house or banker begins the IPO process a most precise set of steps occur. The selected underwriter or investment banker is responsible as to the proper facilitation of all phases of the process.

1–An IPO team is formed. The group consists of the underwriting organization—in this example–the investment banking house; a lawyer or lawyers, CPAs, and SEC consultants.

2—Informative data, regarding the organization, is compiled. The relative data includes the: financial performance of organization; and the futuristic operations of the company. The preceding data becomes part of the prospectus of the company. The Prospectus is, summarily, circulated for review.

3—The financial statements of company are provided in order to be officially audited.

4—The prospectus of the company is filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission or SEC. The company pre-arranges a fixed date as to its offering.

Martin Lustgarten—Exclusive Notes:

Martin Lustgarten is CEO of Lustgarten Martin. Mr. Lustgarten has made investment banking his career for the preceding twenty-year period. He resides in Miami, Florida and is a respected member of the Miami business community. He is considered the perfect “go to” individual when a savvy businessman or woman wishes to attain the services of a reputable investment banker.

Mr. Lustgarten enjoys all collectibles which are vintage or retro in nature. He states that he appreciates objects of great beauty with value attached. He is expressive in his views with regard to items of antique art. His expression, in this regard, is formulated, more fully, by way of his activity associated with trading vintage watches.

The Midas Legacy: They Offer A Personal Touch

Whenever someone is talking about money and dealing with people’s money, they do not wish to leave this up to just anyone. They need to find people and a group that they trust. They need to stand head and shoulders above the rest. That group is the Midas Legacy. Once they gain the trust of their clients, they would never, ever do anything to lose that. They know how valuable that trust is and they do everything in their power to protect it. What they offer compared to other companies is a personal touch. They know that their clients deserve the best and they are going to give them nothing but the best.

They will never short change them or leave them hanging. After a while, The Midas Legacy starts to feel like a family to them. It is a company they know so well and they get to know a lot of the people that work there on a first-name basis. That helps the Midas Legacy offer the personal touch that is missing from other companies. People are planning for retirement and they have a ton of questions and concerns, which is only natural. It is a big step in their lives and it is something they have been waiting for all of their lives.

Because of this, The Midas Legacy goes the extra mile and they will sit there and patiently answer all of their questions. They never want their clients to feel like they are bothering them because they are not. They are there to make sure that people get everything they could have ever dreamed out of their retirement and more. They know these are people that have put in the time, effort, and commitment to their work. They have put a roof over the heads of their families and they have put food on the table.

These are good people and they deserve to be treated with respect, dignity, and attention. The Midas Legacy considers it a great compliment when people reach out to them and want them to help. That is not something they take for granted. In fact, they are honored by it and they want to do right by them. They would never, ever dream of letting them down. After all, with a name like The Midas Legacy, they know they have a legacy, too, and they have to uphold that and keep it on the straight and narrow.

Live Wealthy And Healthy Life With The Midas Legacy

The Midas Legacy is a wealth advisory firm based in Winter Garden, Florida. The firm offers various services to any individual looking to become successful. This includes individual investors who are struggling to manage their money and would like to get information that will help their businesses to stand out. The company also works with aspiring entrepreneurs to help them secure skills that will guide them in understanding the market better. Generally, the company helps those who would like to make a step further into improving their lives.

Making life easier

The Midas Legacy is focused on wealth management, so anyone in need of specialized support will find their services useful. The company supports with a plethora of investors, who seek help with financial planning.

Wealth management is an area many people struggle with, but with the right advisory, it has become easier for investors and individuals to manage their empires and to make informed decisions that generate more wealth. The Midas Legacy is made up of professionals in different areas, who will work together to deliver solutions to their clients. There are professionals who deliver services that touch on retirement planning and how to execute various plans. With different levels of expertise, the firm stands out as a strong force that is focused on putting smiles on the faces of their clients.

There are also research experts who also offer information about passive income and retirement planning. They teach investors how they can diversify their portfolios while minimizing taxes. The Midas Legacy opens doors for investors through tips and strategies that are effective.

Social responsibility

The Midas Legacy also supports social movements that are established for a good cause. The company donates towards several charities. These charitable organizations include the Give Hope Foundation, which helps families that are battling childhood cancer. The Florida Sheriffs Association recognizes The Midas Legacy as a Gold Business Member due to the amount of donations the company offers to the organization.

Leave a legacy

With research and support from experts, The Midas Legacy offers wealth management advisory services that are focused on retirement and continuity of business even in the absence of the owner. The company works with renowned professionals like Mark Edwards, a natural health specialist with massive experience in natural cures. He offers secrets that are kept by corporations and advises about prescriptions and what you should avoid to have a healthier living.

The Midas Legacy Offers Happiness and A True Life

Many people talk about wanting to live an authentic and real life not just for a few days or a week, but every day. They are tired of doing things that do not bring them any joy. When they were young, they had dreams, hopes, and aspirations. However, somewhere along the way, they lost that and they are now finding it hard to get back. They are in too deep and it appears there is no chance of getting out of it. However, as they say when it comes to life, it is never too late to do anything. That is the concept of The Midas Legacy, a research services company that focuses on wealth management advisory.

There is nothing that anyone can do to change the past. As they say, again, the past is in in the past. All that anyone can do is focus on the present and the future. That is what The Midas Legacy is all about and that is what they are built on and pride themselves on. They can provide a happier future and a brighter one. They have experts that specialize in this sort of thing and know how to do it the right way.

One of the things about The Midas Legacy that a lot of their clients like is they do more then just wealth. They are truly interested in the client. They go out of their way to get to know the person. In their mind, the more they know about the person, the more they can help and come up with better solutions. It can be hard to help people if someone does not know what they want or does not know what they are all about and what they stand for as an individual. That is exactly what they are: an individual.

For example, perhaps someone has been working a decade in retail and they are so tired of it. Too many customers have screamed in their face and given them a hard time. They have had enough of it and they do not want to deal with it anymore. However, of course, they need a fall back plan. That fall back plan might be running their own business from home. They are not sure how to get started, how to get employees, and how to get it off the ground. That is where The Midas Legacy steps in and helps.

Get advice from the company about how to manage your wealth or get business tips from them by clicking on this link >>

Wealth Solutions Helping Clients Prepare For Retirement

Texas based company Wealth Solutions is an investment advisory firm who provides financial planning advice to its wealthy clients. Wealth Solutions priority to its clients is to help them achieve a comprehensive financial plan and diverse portfolio, while planning for retirement and protecting their amassed wealth, while minimizing risks. Their vision is to collaborate with their clients to understand their investing goals enabling the firm to better develop a comprehensive investment plan for each client.

Wealth Solutions uses the latest tax regulations, estate laws and market analysis to give their clients the best possible advice, enabling the client to make an informed decision about their investment prospects. Clients have an opportunity to sign up for the Wealth Solutions University which offer’s weekly investment information as well as other investment learning tools to give them more control in the decision making process. Wealth Solutions understands their clients have worked hard for their wealth and want to ensure they have the greatest return while minimizing financial risks.

Many clients aren’t sure how to develop an effective retirement plan. Wealth Solutions helps them to see the potential for growing wealth by contributing to a 401(k), searching IRA opportunities and mutual funds with minimal risk. As the enter retirement clients are given tax advice to minimize the amount of taxes they may need to pay. The are also advised on the appropriate time to begin accepting their social security benefits and how to create start income during their golden years. They also help their clients with the estate planning process working alongside their lawyers and and financial advisors to ensure their needs and assets are protected.

Richard Dwayne Blair grew up in the world of academics. His mother, grandmother and wife were teachers. Richard knows the importance of education and strives to pass that desire on to his clients. His knack for finance made his career choice an easy decision. After graduating from college Richard worked for some notable Texas financial firms such as
Crownbridge Wealth, LLC , Blair Insurance Group, LLC, Worldwide Ventures LP and
Worldwide Ventures GP, LLC, both were companies began by Richard as was United Global Securities, Inc..

While he began his career with The Equitable Life Assurance Society Of The United States
and Trinity Financial Services, it wasn’t long before Richard’s experience would lead him to open Wealth Solutions. Richard Blair has amassed 24 years of financial expertise and knowledge