What Is The Kabbalah Centre Of Los Angeles?

The Kabbalah Centre was founded by the Berg family in Los Angeles long ago to give people a place to study and learn about spirituality in a new way. Kabbalah is a way to study the scriptures that is much more mystical, and there are many different people who have come to their offices around the world to study. They allow their students to study in freedom, and they helps heir students find the heart of God.

#1: What Is Kabbalah?

Kabbalah is not a religion so much as it is a method of doing scholarly work. The people who are studying using Kabbalah must use the libraries at the Kabbalah Centre to ensure that they have all the resources that they need. These people may sit in the Kabbalah Centre every day as they learn, and they will learn where the heart of God is.

#2: The Goal Of The Centre

The Centre wants to ensure that all people who come there to study will find that they may learn no matter the faith they ascribe to. There are many different people who come there to study, and they will find that they may get to know people who are coming to the Centre every day. Someone who wishes to use the Centre to learn may do the equivalent of a graduate degree within its walls.

#3: The Open Door Policy

The open door policy at the Kabbalah Centre ensures that people will know that they may come in at any time. They are searching for simple ways to help the people who come through the door, and the Berg children now run this place in the spirit of their parents. The Centre will allow everyone the resources they need, and they will ensure that the people who come there feel welcome.

The design of the Kabbalah Centre is such that people may learn about the spirit and heart of God. They may come there no matter what they are studying, and they must ensure that they have searched for the presence of God that they believe is manifest.

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