‘La La Land’ Filming Locations Are Attracting Tourists

The film ‘La La Land’ made a big splash when it was released. It garnered rave reviews from critics and viewers alike. It has one of the best nights of any film in history at the Golden Globe Awards where it won in every major category. It was nominated for a slew of Academy Awards including Best Picture. Emma Stone took home the Oscar for Best Actress in a Leading Role for her performance in the film. The popularity of the film has started to take on a life of its own. Many of the Los Angeles locations where the movie was filmed are quickly becoming major tourist attractions. In fact, interest in these locations is so massive that several entrepreneurs have set up their own tours in an attempt to cash in on the high demand.

The tour that is offered on the Warner Bros. studio lot is showing several of the sets from the film. This was caused by many visitors to the studio asking about the film. The large amount of inquiries caused the tour directors at Warner Bros. to take notice. Reports also indicate that there has been renewed interest in the Lighthouse Cafe and the Griffith Observatory.

Going to the various ‘La La Land’ locations that are not located on the Warner Bros. lot will take some time. This is because Los Angeles is notorious for having the worst traffic in the United States. Therefore, people who are serious about attempting to do this should have an entire day set aside. The locations are not terribly far apart under normal traffic conditions. However, Los Angeles traffic will cause the drive time to increase dramatically. There is no official tour of the locations that are not on the lot. However, industry experts believe that it won’t be long until Warner Bros. organizes one.

Travel to the Real Life La La Land

The city of Los Angeles features prominently in the film that came so close to winning an Oscar for Best Picture. In La La Land, famous scenes of the freeways make a dazzling appearance, as well as many other landmarks in the city. For those who find themselves yearning for a trip to Los Angeles, there is so much to do in the “City of Stars”.

First, many people like to start with the traditional haunts of the movie stars. Those who love the glitz and glamour of Old Hollywood will want to check out all of the celebrities’ stars on Hollywood Boulevard. Grauman’s Chinese Theatre is where the footprints and handprints of the famous are displayed, making it easy to see how one’s hands measure up to stars like Marilyn Monroe. Charlie Chaplin fans can take a walk down to his favorite restaurant, which is called Musso & Frank’s and is still in business and serving essentially the same menu today.

For those who appreciate a good view, there’s nothing quite like the PCH (Pacific Coast Highway). Hop onto this majestic road and catch a glimpse of the dazzling, pristine Pacific Ocean right beside you. While you’re at it, you can stop at some of the most famous Malibu haunts of all time. Duke’s and Moonshadows are particularly well-known restaurants. If you stay on the PCH long enough, you can drive north all the way to Santa Barbara. This sleepy beach town is known for its picturesque views and stunning beauty.

Although many travelers fly into LAX when they choose to visit Los Angeles, the Burbank Airport is another excellent option. Central to most landmarks in the city—and without the massive amounts of traffic—it is also known as the Bob Hope Airport. Regardless of where you land, you’re bound to love La La Land.