LAX Airport Gets New Security Lanes, Improving Travel to West Coast

Many travelers to the west coast of the United States fly into LAX airport in Los Angeles, and they are often faced with long security lines. This will soon be a thing of the past, as LAX is the most recent airport to announce the installation of ‘innovation lanes.’ These new lanes are an effort to expedite certain security checks for approved travelers.


There will be a total of two new lanes installed in the airport by the end of October, just in time for fall vacations and year-end holiday travels. The lanes will utilize conveyor belts that allow five occupants to unload luggage and be scanned by standing security officials. This is a great improvement compared to the one-person at a time rule that was previously in place.


If traveling to the west coast through LAX Airport, you can expect to place your items on a belt, rather than a bin, as security checks for liquids and other potentially dangerous materials. That is, if your able to get into one of the new innovation lanes. Given the traffic routed through these, standard lanes should have less of a wait time as well.


LAX is not the first airport to install these expedited security lanes, as Newark and Atlanta have done so recently as well. The lanes have been deemed as efficient by consumers and many are looking forward to getting through the airport faster.


The airport is also planning other improvements for west coast travelers, such as enhanced training for staff that focuses on friendliness, and more direct flights.