Susan McGalla and the Road to Leadership

Recognizing the significance of women in leadership positions is important. People take notice of women in positions of power more if they are outspoken and in the public eye. It is not always the case, but the strength of leadership doesn’t come from gender. Susan McGalla is one of these ladies who know what they want in life. She is a smart and well-educated leader who also lead by example. She talks about the importance of education and spirit as well as the necessity to stay keep her head high and never to give up things she believes are right.

Susan McGalla lives in Pennsylvania and is an executive and a businesswoman. She was born in Ohio where her father worked as a coach for a football team. Susan has two brothers, and she graduated from Mount Union College with a degree in business and marketing. Her parents taught her that hard work and good education are the two most important stepping stones. She took it seriously and refused to give up the path towards future work in business. Her career is noteworthy, and she has quite an incredible resume. There will always be people who refuse to believe that women should be in positions of leadership but McGalla takes the stereotypes and puts them down.

She encourages women who want to achieve new heights in their jobs. The available information very often is dry and generic. Sometimes people just lack encouragement, and they need a little push from outside. McGalla tries to inspire women to go for it.

Her expertise and experience help her consult clients on marketing, brands as well as the talent pool and how to manage human resources in the business. She speaks to organizations for women such as the Women and Girl’s Foundation of Pittsburgh and at the Carnegie Mellon University Speaker Series where CEOs are invited to share their experience in their leadership roles.

She recalls her father not offering special treatment just because she was a girl. It was one of the first encouragements for her to put her head down and work harder. Today it allows her to be comfortable in her skin and not to back down from challenges.

Sometimes women can be even more intimidating in business than men, so Susan uses her gender as an advantage rather than a disadvantage and she knowns how to spot potential as well as take risks.