The Logarithmic Parental- Teacher Engagement Is Scoring High at the Rocketship Education

I have never seen the kind of parental involvement in a learning institution like one exhibited at the Rocketship education. Rocketship education chartered schools is a chain of learning institutions, 13 in number, with the first school having been established in 2007 at San Jose. It has a blended learning style that is of interest which has made it receive global attention and be featured on mainstream media platforms. The rationale of parental involvement emphasized at the school is something people are keen to watch.

The Rocketship Education’s parents are actively involved in the hiring process of teachers by being incorporated into the interviewing panel. Christopher Smith is one such parent who has attended several interviewing sessions for the school and reckoned the system. In fact, his five-year-old daughter is part of the pupils learning at the institution. Perston Smith, the Rocketship Education chartered school Co-founder, and CEO says they can determine which families to conduct the interviews or call for a meeting for parents to choose amongst themselves.

Jermaine Carter, a parent who has routinely conducted interviews, says that there is no greater joy than to determine who you entrust your kids with. The hands on touch allow parents to weigh the personality against qualifications of various candidates long before the school resumes normal learning from holidays. This unique and a rare kind of thing but somewhat seems to work quite well.

The Public Schools at the Washington D C has since time memorial practiced the traditional elementary school system such as the Stanton Elementary School. It is one of the best schools in the Locality. The Rocketship Chartered schools will trigger competition. Worthwhile in the 13 locations the school has subsidiary operations; they give priority to the kids in the hood while reviewing applications.

About Rocketship Education

This educational center is committed to offering quality education to kids from the Disadvantaged neighborhood. They have priority for such kids following a study that areas with less property tax revenues receive relatively low funding for education. They are currently on a project to launch a campus at the Antioch and put up the necessary infrastructure for security reasons.