Gainesville Couple Shatter Preconceptions About Seniors Traveling Long Distance

A lot of people believe that the majority of seniors who make it past age 70 are too sick or tired to travel long distance by car on their own. Some 50 year old people even imagine that life becomes mostly sedentary after another two decades pass. Helen and Ron Mack of Gainesville, Georgia, proved everyone wrong this past summer when they packed up their Honda CRV and hit the road for a 37-day trip that took them through 26 states from the East Coast to the West Coast and Canada along 10,100 miles of highway. Helen and Rock are both 75 years old.


The couple already had a history of traveling around Europe and decided that since they had never traveled that much within their own country they wanted to see the United States from the road perspective and catch up with family and friends who lived far away. After deciding to take a somewhat circular route across the states at the bottom of the map, up along the West Coast into Canada and then down the East Coast, they recognized their own physical and mental limitations and pre-planned the trip, including gas prices and rest stops. They also paced themselves by only driving eight and a half hours daily and taking turns at the wheel. They told Jennifer Linn with the “Gainesville Times” that they hope to travel to different U.S. areas again soon and plan to fly to certain states and then visit destinations via rental car.