Low-Cost Travel to the West Coast by Train

Train travel may not be the glamorous experience it once was, but it is still an economical way to travel to the West Coast. If you have time to travel but do not want to pay for air travel, a train may be the answer. Thanks to Amtrak, you can travel all the way from New York City to the West Coast for a very low price.

According to the Daily Star, it is possible to travel from one U.S. coast to the other for as little as £173 (i.e., about $213 U.S.). With insider strategies from Derek Low, a travel blogger, it is possible to book train travel across the U.S. for that low cost. The trip includes stops in Chicago, Denver, and Salt Lake City, and takes about four days if you do not make any stops. The relevant post on Derek Low’s blog has been shared nearly four million times. The Daily Star piece focuses on travel from the West Coast to the East Coast, but the same low cost can be achieved for travel in the opposite direction.

Traveling by train provides some unexpected benefits. Amtrak seats are much more spacious than coach seats on an airplane. The California Zephyr train includes an observation car with observation windows that allow passengers to watch the passing scenery. Boarding the train is much simpler than boarding an airplane; you just show your ticket and hop onto the train. A train trip is also a great opportunity to meet other tourists in a casual setting.

Most tourists heading for the West Coast overlook this option. With a little planning, though, a train trip can be both affordable and fun.