California State To Market Itself As A Luxury Travel Desitination

Representatives from the State of California will be advertising their state as a luxury travel destination at the International Luxury Travel Market. The market is a luxury travel trade show in the United Kingdom that features many countries. California’s participation will mark the first time an American State had ever been to the trade show.


The state is planning on investing well over $4 million in media advertisements, including a TV advertisement named Living the Dream. The aim of California is to display the state as having a laid back luxury lifestyle. The Kidifornia will be re-launched as well to attract families to the state. There are television ads of the “Welcome to Kidiforni” commercial featured in countries around the world. ‘Catch the Winter Wave’ is another angle the state is using to advertise toward the British snowbirds looking to escape the cold. The peaks of California also has snow, so they are making a point that it is possible to both snowboard ans surfboard within the same state.


The United Kingdom alone sends over 850 million tourists and they give the State $1.3 billion in profit for the tourist industry. There has been a 10% increase in direct flights from the United Kingdom to California in recent years. British Airways features flight directly to Oakland from Gatwick, UK. Virgin Atlantic airlines and Thomas Cook airlines will send British tourists to San Francisco from Manchester.