Recreational Marijuana Is Now Legal In California!

People who are traveling to the West Coast might feel enlightened to know that, starting in January of 2018, recreational marijuana became legal in California. In fact, recreational marijuana is now legal up and down the West Coast of the United States, including the state of Alaska. So California, Oregon, Washington, and Alaska are places to go to if you want to get your smoke on, your vape on, or your eat on.

Of course, there are restrictions and regulations to buying recreational marijuana. For example, you cannot be twelve years old and buy pot from a store. There are age restrictions, and people must show their identifications.

On Monday, January 1st, many retail marijuana shops opened their doors in California for the first time to usher in the New Year with legal, recreational marijuana. Because of legal regulations, only a handful of cities in the state of California had shops that sold recreational marijuana. So, on January 1st, 2018, San Diego, San Jose, Berkeley, San Diego and others had recreational pot stores. More municipalities were set to issue licenses. These included San Francisco and Los Angeles.

Even though this is considered a great victory by many people, it creates more tensions between the federal government and the state governments. Many people in the federal government tend to be against legalization of marijuana, and there are federal laws that make it illegal—or at least provide grounds for people to get into trouble if they are caught possessing it or using it. These laws contrast with the lax state laws of places like California where recreational use is now legal.