Drew Madden: Improving The Medical Field With Technology

After graduating from the University of Iowa, Drew Madden used his technology skills to work for a few medical and consulting firms. Nordic Consulting Partners and Cerner Corporation are two of them. He has been refining his knowledge about medical recording, and he continually strives to collaborate with teams to come up with new ways of improving the current healthcare system.


Some areas that are in the process of change are the end of life documentation process, billing, and copay issues. Accessing and filling out advance directives is a difficult task, but technology can bring it to patients and families. It can make the paperwork accessible and provide answers to people. In some situations, the end-of-life treatments add time but do not necessarily add quality. The system hopes that by addressing the issue early will give the patient what they want and ease the families worries.


Billing is always an ongoing issue in the medical field. A new system called Electronic Visit Verification will help clean up some of the problems. EVV tracks caregiver’s locations and the amount of time spent with each patient. The state of Texas has started requiring an EVV for their patients before they will pay the bill. This ensures the caregivers arrive and stay the allotted amount of time they are supposed to. Shortly, all 50 states should be implementing this type of monitoring technology.


An insurance copay tier system can be baffling. Doctors write a prescription or order therapy and send the patient off to get the needed services. If the product or treatment is not covered by the insurance, it begins a lengthy cycle of trying to contact the physician again to reorder or rewrite the prescription. The office staff may try to get the procedure authorized by the insurance, but that process takes time. If the doctor knows the copay and if the drug or further treatment was covered at the time of the patient’s visit, it could save time, frustration, and money. Go Here to learn more.


Drew Madden continues to harness his previous experience and passions to correct and perfect issues in the healthcare industry.


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The Healthcare Industry is Being Reshaped by Leaders like Drew Madden

As technology has improved tremendously during recent decades, innovation has reshaped many industries, and healthcare is no exception. This can especially be seen in the healthcare programs of India, a rapidly developing nation.


For example, technology is completely reshaping healthcare, from surgical robots, to “smart hospitals”. Experts project these trends will cause healthcare technology to give patients improved communication and better decision-making ability.


Another change is the rise of online pharmacies, which have grown year by year. More and more Indian patients are opting to order their medicine online, instead of visiting a traditional pharmacy.


The change doesn’t stop here. Wearable technology is expected to increase in popularity, and this will allow patients to closely monitor their condition. For instance, smart sensors and remedial device integration have been gaining traction. Along with this wearable technology will be a rise in digital healthcare platforms. Wearables, along with technologies like virtual reality, will improve medical professionals’ ability to monitor, diagnose, and treat patients. Visit This Page for related information.


One industry pioneer is Drew Madden, most known for being president of Nordic Consulting Partners from 2011 to 2016. This company is the world’s biggest Epic consultant and received numerous awards under Mr. Madden. Under his tremendous leadership, the company grew from three to seven-hundred and twenty-five employees, three to one-hundred and fifty client partners, and one million to one-hundred and thirty million dollars in annual revenue. Keep in mind this was all in the span of five years. In order to achieve these results, Drew Madden called upon his education from the Iowa College of Engineering. Here, he earned a B.S.E. in Industrial Engineering, focusing on Medical Systems. This formal training gave Madden great insight into Nordic’s products. He also called upon his experience at United Healthcare, where he was also an Epic Consultant. This experience gave him the understanding of the business side of things.


So, what does Nordic Consulting Partners do? The company provides unique healthcare information technology solutions so that organizations can better the health of both their patients, and organization. This includes strategic planning, education, and more.


It is indisputable that innovation is reshaping the healthcare landscape, and with minds like Drew Madden leading the way, this is likely a trend that will continue.


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Drew Madden Sees Advantages to Health Care Battle for Biggest Consumer Ownership among Retail Companies

When Amazon first reported that the company received its pharmaceutical license, pharmacy benefits managers (PBM’s) took notice. However, CVS had already taken a huge leap to prevent Amazon from gaining too far ahead of the health care industry by purchasing Aetna Healthcare.


With the conclusion of the deal, CVS will help 23 million Aetna members save more than $1 billion per year using its MinuteClinic. CVS purchased the retail-based clinics in 2006, and the company has more than 6,200 stores nationwide. MinuteClinics have certified nurse practitioners and physician assistants who are not only trained to diagnosis common illnesses, but they also provide prescriptions.


Although Amazon’s license purchase is only for durable medical equipment, the next logical step could be to obtain a prescription license as well. With Amazon’s dominant presence within home delivery that is soaring across the country, there appears to be an attempt to create an ownership of consumer health care.


Amazon executives are fully aware of the factors involving the Affordable Care Act that has perplexed the health care industry since being implemented. The retail company has a consumer advantage to affect change on the drug prices.


However, with one of the largest health care companies in the country combining resources with one of the largest PBM’s, there is a question of who becomes the biggest owner of consumer health care. Either way, there is ample opportunity for consumers to reap the benefits from Amazon or CVS with the advanced technology and resource allocation to help with healthier choices and reduced costs. The purchase creates technology advantages that could create formidable changes within the entire health care insurance landscape. Click Here for more information


Drew Madden is a passionate Healthcare IT entrepreneur. Madden’s been a lead consultant on business development for major firms for the last decade. Drew Madden was previously President of Nordic Consulting Partners from 2011-2016. The firm provides leading health care strategy and managed services for improving health care business operations. Drew has an expertise in electronic medical record data and has implemented significant improvements for companies by optimizing teams that bring the best collaboration results.


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