Neurocore Breaks Down Three Depression Myths

Neurocore Brain Performance Centers wants to break down three myths that surround depression. One myth is, depression is caused by sad events. There is not one lone cause that can be identified as the source for all depression, rather there are many issues that contribute to it. Certainly it can be external forces beyond our control such as negative life events : divorce, death, loss of employment, financial struggles, but scientist have also found that internal factors like genetics and a family history of depression can have an impact on a person.

Myth number two, depression is just that, depression. There are, in fact, several forms of depression. SAD or Seasonal Affective Disorder is a form of depression that occurs during low sunlight times of the year. Postpartum Depression happens in some women right after having a child. One of the most severe forms is Persistent Depressive Disorder, painfully long disorder that lasts for two years of longer and is a daily event. Major Depressive Disorder happens daily also and last for several weeks. Visit to know more about Neurocore.

Depression is all in the mind, is myth number three. The National Institute of Mental Health, which is dedicated to treatment and understanding of mental health, uses clinical research to evaluate and provide assistance with education, prevention and developing cures. This institution found that symptoms of depression are expressed in the body physically. Commonly known occurrences are headaches, upset GI tract or stomach, and difficulty breathing. It has also been discovered through imagery technology that the physical structures in the brain behave different in a depressed person.


Neurocore Brain Performance Centers specialize in helping people with depression. AT Neurocore there is a deep understanding that there are different levels of depression, from persistent to debilitating, and have knowledge on customizable treatments.

Neurocore uses modern technology, innovative thinking, and trained staff with support personnel to measure symptoms, discuss options, and then uses the latest treatments to create a neurofeedback program to train the brain. Don’t believe the myths, get the facts at a Neurocore Brain Performance Center. Read more at about Neurocore.