Disneyland to Implement Mobile Food Ordering

Disney continues to lead the way in incorporating emerging technologies into its business model to benefit guests looking for a more seamless travel experience. On Friday, the Disneyland Resort announced that restaurants at its two California theme parks will soon be implementing mobile ordering. The Walt Disney World Resort in Florida rolled out the program last year to rave reviews from guests. Disneyland travelers will be able to access the service through the theme park’s app. Guests will have the opportunity to browse menus, place customized orders, and select the time to pick up their meal – all without waiting in line. When the pick-up time arrives, guests will check-in to the restaurant via the app and then pick up their food at the designated location. The mobile ordering service will be available at a variety of quick service restaurants and snack kiosks located throughout Disneyland and Disney Califonia Adventure.

Mobile food ordering is a natural extension of the other digital measures implemented by Disney parks to make theme park travel more convenient and streamlined for its guests. In addition to the traditional FastPass system, guests also now have the opportunity to use the Disney app to select ride times through the MaxPass digital attraction reservation system. All of these systems are designed to keep visitors out of line and enjoying more time, and spending more money, throughout the parks.