FullCycleFund Energy Hires the Financial Strategist & Lawyer Sam Tabar


PRN reports that Sam Tabar was recently appointed as the Chief Operating Officer of FullCycleFund Energy. Their mission is to transform industries into eco-friendly enterprises which operate with a high regard for the future wellbeing of the planet. Asides, the company’s agenda also encompasses enabling businesses to cut costs drastically and improve profits.


The announced was great news to the shareholders of FullCycleFund Energy. They consider themselves fortunate to have landed a highly experienced strategist. Mr. Tabar was equally ecstatic with the opportunity to serve, as he commented on the website. Moving forward, Tabar hopes to implement and execute effective strategies which will curtail the wanton discharge of effluent and harmful gasses into the atmosphere.  He’s said as much on his Facebook page.


FullCycle hopes to capitalize on the multi-billion dollar waste conversion and management market. The number of opportunities to invest in is endless. This company has recently partnered with Synova Inc, which is an engineering company which boasts of an unparalleled track record of delivering exceptional outcomes and innovations on behalf of their clients.


FullCycle was founded in 2013. Today, it is involved in the financing of projects dealing with transforming waste into useful and valuable fuel. Fuel which would, in turn, be utilized to power up communities all across the world. Their prime emphasis is to do away with the overdependence from conventional power generating options. Theirs is to develop new ideas which will do away with the costly and the polluted process of generating electricity from retrofit hydroelectric power plants.


In his previous line of work Mr. Tabar mainly specialized in drawing up foolproof budgets for his clients. He was a distinguished financial analyst and guru heading up the investing portfolios of many globally-recognized and respected financial houses like Merrill Lynch (BOA) and the Sparx Group (PMA).

As the current COO of FullCycleFund, Sam’s main responsibilities include developing initiatives for raising capital, handling legal affairs and on tax matters as well. Prior to joining FullCycle Energy, Sam used to work at Merrill Lynch’s Hong Kong and New York branches. There he served as the head portfolio manager for both high net worth individuals and organizations. Sam Tabar is a trained attorney who has worked at Meagher & Flom LLP & Affiliates.