Oregon: Spotlight on Tourism for 2017

The state of Oregon is shaping up to be one of the hottest American destinations for domestic tourism in 2017. Travel industry analysts predict that the West Coast of the United States has the potential to attract a substantial amount of tourism in the near future, and the Oregon Tourism Commission is getting ready to welcome visitors.


Travel Oregon, the commercial arm of the Oregon Tourism Commission recently announced a new partnership with the Weather Channel for the launch of the Oregon Weather Compass, a unique mobile site for travelers. This new site focuses on the unique geography and micro-climates of Oregon, which may result in snow falling in one region while another spot is getting sunshine during the same winter.


With the Oregon Weather Compass, state tourism officials wish to target travelers located within 300 miles of the state boundaries. Similar to California, Oregon offers mountains, deserts, forests, and coastlines, which may all enjoy different weather patterns in the same season.


The Oregon Weather Compass works by placing a smartphone or tablet on a flat surface and selecting the type of weather they plan to enjoy. Travelers are then taken to another section of the site that highlights things to do around Oregon based on weather preferences.


Aside from highlighting benevolent weather, tourism officials also want to put Portland in the spotlight. This metropolitan area is unlike any other in the United States; it is blessed with agriculture and a sophisticated way of life that favors diversity. Portland is filled with ethnic and fusion restaurants, craft breweries and performance spaces.