Palm Springs: A City on the Upswing

For hipsters and those who love the Coachella culture, there’s nothing better than Palm Springs. Once the playground of luminaries such as Frank Sinatra, the town wasn’t so swinging for the past couple of decades or so. In fact, it was known more as a place that people could retire. However, in recent years, Palm Springs has seen a definite upswing in the amount of vacationers coming out to enjoy the sunshine and unique features that the resort town offers.

For gay visitors, there are a lot of options, including the annual White Party that happens over Easter. Indeed, the gay community in Palm Springs is probably the one group that remained vibrant and hot—even when the town itself had more of a “retiree” reputation. However, it wasn’t long before the town was rediscovered by the younger crowd, and it’s easy to see why. Filled with mid-century modern architecture, Palm Springs is a dream for those who are of the hipster ilk.

After the recession, many young people went ahead and purchased property in the area, reveling in its unique charm. Once they renovated the homes, however, many of them turned to rental sites like Airbnb to begin turning a profit on their properties. Although some locals are not fans of this practice, it’s become an effective way for some purchasers to recoup their investments.

There’s a lot to like about this city, which features excellent restaurants, bars and shopping centers. Additionally, there’s even an airport that vacationers can fly into. Former President Barack Obama has become a fan of the Rancho Mirage area, which was why Air Force One had been parked at the Palm Springs airport several times. For people who are looking for a quick getaway from anywhere in Southern California, Palm Springs is a convenient drive.