Pixar Pier

The Disney California Adventure theme park in Anaheim, California will reveal a new land this summer. The area formerly known as Paradise Pier will be magically revolutionalized and renamed Pixar Pier, featuring attractions, characters, dining, and merchandise from Disney-Pixar’s most loved movies. The new neighborhoods featured in this transformation are:

The Incredibles: This area is highlighted by the new Incredicoaster. This wooden roller coaster is a complete transformation of the previous California Screamin’ coaster, including a new distinct look for the ride vehicles reflecting the well-loved Incredibles franchise.

Toy Story: Toy Story lovers will delight in the new neighborhood dedicated to favorite characters Buzz, Woody, Jessie, and the rest of the gang. The current popular attraction Toy Story Mania anchors this revitalized area.

Inside Out: This franchise will get its own neighborhood, featuring a new family-friendly ride themed to the lovable Inside Out “emotion” characters and their favorite little girl, Riley.

A fourth neighborhood at Pixar Pier will bring together all the beloved Pixar characters for fun and games on the current Boardwalk area of California Adventure. Mickey’s Fun Wheel will feature a new design, highlighting many Pixar favorites. A new lounge and grill will offer sweeping views of Paradise Bay. The opening of Pixar Pier will be celebrated with the return of the popular Pixar Play Parade. A new fireworks show, “Together Forever – A Pixar Nighttime Spectacular”, will be the perfect end to a day spent at Pixar Pier.

Disneyland’s Pixar Pier Opening Date Announced

At the Japan D23 Expo, Disney representatives announced that Pixar Pier is scheduled to open June 23rd of this year. The opening coincides with Pixar Fest, a park-wide celebration starting April 13th.

The area that was once known as Paradise Pier is in the process of being reimagined in order to immerse guests into the world of their favorite Pixar characters. This is just one of the many changes that has been made to Disney’s California Adventure park in recent years. The park is home to the popular Cars Land, which is also based off the Pixar movie.

Pixar Pier will include four mini lands, or neighborhoods. The Toy Story neighborhood will include the pre-existing Toy Story Midway Mania. The Inside Out neighborhood will offer a brand new attraction, which is set to open after the rest of Pixar Pier. Another neighborhood will include Mickey’s Fun Wheel. It was rumored that the iconic Mickey face would be replaced with the Luxo Jr. ball, but Disney has confirmed that Mickey will remain. Instead, the gondolas of the Wheel will be redesigned to include a variety of Pixar characters.

The E-ticket attraction of Pixar Pier will be the Incredicoaster. The high-speed ride will transport guests into the story of babysitting Jack-Jack and the chaos that ensues. Pixar Pier opens a few weeks before Incredibles 2 hits movie theaters on June 15th.