What Is The Kabbalah Centre Of Los Angeles?

The Kabbalah Centre was founded by the Berg family in Los Angeles long ago to give people a place to study and learn about spirituality in a new way. Kabbalah is a way to study the scriptures that is much more mystical, and there are many different people who have come to their offices around the world to study. They allow their students to study in freedom, and they helps heir students find the heart of God.

#1: What Is Kabbalah?

Kabbalah is not a religion so much as it is a method of doing scholarly work. The people who are studying using Kabbalah must use the libraries at the Kabbalah Centre to ensure that they have all the resources that they need. These people may sit in the Kabbalah Centre every day as they learn, and they will learn where the heart of God is.

#2: The Goal Of The Centre

The Centre wants to ensure that all people who come there to study will find that they may learn no matter the faith they ascribe to. There are many different people who come there to study, and they will find that they may get to know people who are coming to the Centre every day. Someone who wishes to use the Centre to learn may do the equivalent of a graduate degree within its walls.

#3: The Open Door Policy

The open door policy at the Kabbalah Centre ensures that people will know that they may come in at any time. They are searching for simple ways to help the people who come through the door, and the Berg children now run this place in the spirit of their parents. The Centre will allow everyone the resources they need, and they will ensure that the people who come there feel welcome.

The design of the Kabbalah Centre is such that people may learn about the spirit and heart of God. They may come there no matter what they are studying, and they must ensure that they have searched for the presence of God that they believe is manifest.

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The Evolution of Kabbala Centre

The foundation of Kabbala Centre was established in 1922 by Rav Yehuda Ashlag, who was the first Chief Kabbalist to modernize its wisdom and make it readily available to all.He later passed on the leadership to his student Rave Yehuda TzviBrandwein, who subsequently handed over to Rav Berg.

The principal aim of Kabbalah has been to acquire the knowledge of God, and His designs for the seen and unseen universe.In the beginning, Kabbala was perceived as a having been reserved for Jewish scholars who were married and aged 40years and above. Children, women and unlearned men were never considered fit for formal Kabbala training.

RavAshlag did not succeed in acquiring a huge following as he had hoped. Until his death in 1955, he toiled to make Zohar available to the general public and even used his own resources to make this happen and read full article.

RavBrandwein yearned to carry on RavAshlag’s legacy, but due to his limited resources, he did not do as much as he would have wished. Before his death, RavBrandwein named Rav Berg the President of YeshivatKol Yehuda.

Rav Berg’s wife, Karen, was the first woman to study Kabbala and with her influence, they opened up the teachings to everyone who wished to learn, including children and women. In the early 70’s the Rav and his wife moved to Israel and set up the second Kabbala Centre in Tel Aviv. They set up the Kabbalah Centre in middle of secular Israel society and offered wisdom to tackle life’s challenges.

In 1984, Rav Berg and Karen set up the Los Angeles Kabbalah Centre. They left the passionate and wise followers in charge of the Israel Kabbala Centre. Rav Berg wrote his first books in English so as to appeal to a wider audience and learn more about Kabbalah.

The Kabbala Centre taught a non-religious audience and was seen as a spiritual, rather than a religious way of study. Currently, there are more than 40 KabbalaCentres around the world. Through the Kabbalah Centres, Rav Berg and his wife actualized RavAshlag’s vision of integrating humans from all race, religion, and nationalities. Celebrities such as Madonna, Britney Spears, the late Elizabeth Taylor, and Sandra Bernhard have shown interest in the Jewish Kabbalah.

Rav Berg passed away in 2013, leaving Karen and their son, Michael Berg, an established author himself, to run the Kabbalah Centre. They use all kinds of modern technology to pass wisdom through books, courses, and books in both online and physical Centres.

The LA Kabbalah Centre Connects People Worldwide to Kabbalah

Learning about Kabbalah is better done in person, but the largest Kabbalah Centre is streamed over the internet 24 hours a day. This makes it convenient to learn about the ancient wisdom wherever you are. The Kabbalah Centre in LA is the largest physical Centre, and both of them are designed to help students learn about Kabbalah and apply the principles to their lives.

Kabbalah centers around the universe and man’s part in it, and it is believed to have originated before the Jewish people were established in Israel. It is not a religion, but rather principles and tools that Kabbalists use to improve their lives. The LA Kabbalah Centre focuses on these concepts with classes, meditations, volunteering events and fellowship. Today, there are Centres in over 40 cities worldwide.

Many people who are interested begin studying Kabbalah online, and when they have been introduced to the spirituality, they connect by attending a physical Centre. Kabbalah is not studied like other disciplines; the student learns the principles and then applies them practically to build a better life. Meditations are held in the Centres as are other events and conferences.

History of Kabbalah

Kabbalah hasn’t always been studied in Centres or online. Through the centuries, only the high priests and rabbis were permitted to study this ancient spirituality.

Kabbalah didn’t become available to the common person until 1922 when Rav Ashtag, an elder Kabbalist, founded the first Centre in Israel. He opened the door for everyone who was interested in learning about Kabbalah.

Rav and Karen Berg studied under Ashtag for 10 years, and then they came back to the U.S. and founded several Centres including the LA Centre in the 1980s.. The Bergs and their children are leaders in Kabbalah.


Kabbalah Centre for Spiritual Guidance

Kabbalah centre International is a nonprofit making organisation and is located in Los Angeles, California. Kabbalah centre was initially created to take off all the students in the universe by providing both recorded classes and live online classes. Kabbalah centre also provides courses on kabbalistic teachings through their regional based centres. Kabbalah centre international has qualified and well-trained staffs that offer Kabbalistic guidance and study to all the students worldwide in order to make them knowledgeable.

The Kabbalah centre was founded by Rav Philip Berg and Rav Tzvi Brandwein in the year 1965. It was founded as The National Research Institute of Kabbalah, and its main objective was to educate students and to produce victorious citizens who will have a positive impact in the world. It was later re-established as United States Kabbalah centre in New York City by Philip Berg and his wife after the death of Rav Yehuda Tzvi Brandwein. Kabbalah centre has over fifty branches all over the world to facilitate their services to the students.

Kabbalah International Centre focuses on several ways so as to help the students learn the crucial kabbalistic principles by simply coming up with classes, books, audio products, and online lectures. Kabbalah centre International emphasises on sharing, and they do this by providing a volunteer program that enables students to participate in charitable initiatives. Kabbalah international centre also provides mentoring program, and the main aim of this is to share wisdom to the students.

Kabbalah International Centre believes in the power of Spiritual Community, and they do this by organising weekly and monthly events where students participate in meditation, lectures as well as sharing meals together. The students that are part of Kabbalah International always have more advantages as they go through training that make them successful in their life and contribute more in their countries.



The Kabbalah Centre Reveals the Mysteries of Life and the Universe

Kabbalah is a form of ancient wisdom that has recently become increasingly popular for millions of students around the world who can choose between studying this ancient form of mysticism at one of the more than 40 physical locations or Online. The Kabbalah Centre continues to grow at a time when attendances in traditional churches and temples has been reported to be falling in many areas of the world; one of the main areas where The Kabbalah Centre has made major ground as a provider of information and guidance is in the British capital of London, where around 100 students in 2001 has grown to more than 1,000 regular attendees in 2016.

Many who do not understand the push to create a deeper understanding of the world surrounding us all often question just why The Kabbalah Centre has become so popular with people seeking to explore spirituality and mysticism? Kabbalah itself is a teaching that predates all modern day religions as form of teaching and can, therefore, be seen as a teaching fitting into the lives and belief systems of people from all over the world who study any religion of their choice; The Kabbalah Centre is a safe area for all to enter where no pressure is placed on any student to convert to the Jewish faith these teachings are based upon.

Understanding the fact that Kabbalah teaches the individual much about themselves and about the world around us is a good starting point for exploring these teachings. Teachers use the ancient scripture of Zohar as the main text from which all students explore mysticism and how they can discover more about the universe that surrounds us all; one thing that differs in the approach to learning of The Kabbalah Centre when compared to other religion based groups is the way every individual approaches their own journey. Instead of learning about oneself, The Kabbalah Centre asks students to open themselves up to find new aspects of their personality and mystical feeling that can only be discovered by looking to open up the mind and body to a new understanding of the universe.

The Reach of the Kabbalah Centre Continues to Grow

In the 21st century, the growth of The Kabbalah Centre has reached record levels as the number of people looking to develop their own belief system and take a journey into spiritualism has been expanding across many different areas of the world. September 2016 saw the opening of a new Kabbalah Centre location in Washington D.C. that will serve the capital of the U.S. and join the growing list of locations in major global locations, such as London, Los Angeles, and Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Although many commentators believe the number of celebrity followers of The Kabbalah Centre has had a major effect on the number of people choosing to study at major locations or via Online educational programs, the group has been growing over the many decades it has been in existence in the U.S. and across the planet. The Kabbalah Centre began life in the 1920s when the first attempts at translating a Hebrew version of the Kabbalah scripture, the Zohar was made by a teacher of the eventual founder of the modern version of The Kabbalah Centre, Rabbi Philip Berg; eventually, The Kabbalah Centre began to grow in 1969 when Rabbi Berg took over the group and began teaching all who wished to learn during a time when spiritual growth reached peak levels.

One of the main reasons millions of people around the world have been drawn to the study of the Kabbalah is the fact the teachings date back to a time before the beginning of organized religion as we know it in the modern world. The Kabbalah Centre in Washington D.C. has seen a major rise in interest since a study group and bookstore was established in the U.S. capital, which many believe has grown in importance because students of any faith can learn about this ancient form of religious teaching without having to consider their position in a religion or belief system.

Giving back to the local community remains an important part of the Kabbalah teachings that are provided at more than 40 physical locations across the planet. Celebrity followers, including Madonna and Jean Claude Van Damme have often been pictured entering some of these locations as they join millions of people in seeking out a better and more spiritually aware way of living their lives.

Understanding the Physical and Spiritual Realms with Kabbalah

Kabbalah is one of the world’s most ancient spiritual wisdom. The teachings of Kabbalah teaches of the secrets keys of the universe. Additionally, mysteries of human heart and the soul are revealed through its teachings. The teachings also expound on the complexities of the material and the spiritual part of universe. Kabbalah also gives an intricate detail about the physical and spiritual realms of all humanity. As a matter of fact, the teachings have, in detail, methods of navigating the vast terrains with the aim of eradicating any form of chaos, pain, and suffering.

According to the Kabbalistic sages, every human being is born with the potential for greatness. It is, therefore, the role of Kabbalah teacher to identify and activate the potential through the Kabbalistic teachings. Learners of Kabbalah are advised not just to learn it, but to use every aspect of its teachings in their daily life. Incorporating the teachings of Kabbalah in one’s life brings clarity, understanding, and freedom to our lives.

The Kabbalah Center was founded to teach about Kabbalah. It is a non-profit organization that seeks to spread the principles of Kabbalah to the world. The center began in 1922 under RavYehuda Ashlag. Over time, the meaning of Kabbalah has been understood differently by different generations. It also means differently due to the various interpretation that has been done to enhance the message. The Kabbalah Center, which has now grown to over 40 locations around the globe, supports all these interpretations. The center also has a strong online presence. It has embraced the use of technology and internet to spread the beneficial teachings of Kabbalah.

The Kabbalah Center International encourages everyone to attend their lessons no matter the situation. The center offers scholarships to students with a strong desire to study but lacks the means whatsoever. In the beginning, Kabbalah was only taught to men who were married and who had attained the age of 40 years. The approach was sought due to the understanding that the wisdom of Kabbalah was so sophisticated for the young to understand. Today, the teachings are made available to everyone with no consideration to age, color or religion.

The Kabbalah Center: Ancient Teachings for a Modern World

The Kabbalah Center is a place of worship for those who believe in the ancient teachings of Kabbalah. The teachings of Kabbalah come from The Book of Formation. People all over the world have been helped by the teachings from this book as well as from advanced Kabbalah scholars. The teachings have been brought abroad thanks to Rav Phillip Berg. He was brought up in Orthodox Jewish schools. When he was only 22 years old he was ordained as a rabbi. During a visit to Israel for his mother’s funeral he met his Kabbalah teacher, Rav Brandwein, and from that point forward Kabbalah became his life’s work.

Rav Berg noticed how his teacher Rav Brandwein struggled to fund his work in spreading the teachings of Kabbalah. In an effort to help out, Rav Berg moved to New York to and worked as a book distributor for Rav Brandwein. During this time he founded the National Institute Research of Kabbalah. This institute allowed for funding of Orthodox Jewish scholarships, travel expenses, and the publishing costs of books and articles that involved this research. Rav Berg was ordained as a Kabbalah Master in 1966. Shortly before Rav Brandwein’s death, Rav Berg was deemed President of Yeshivat Kol Yehuda. During this time Rav Berg drastically changed the way that the teachings of Kabbalah were shared. He began following in the footsteps of Rav Ashlag, who founded the first Kabbalah Center in 1922.

Along with his wife Karen, Rav Berg changed the name of the National Institute for Research of Kabbalah to the Research Center of Kabbalah. The couple moved to Israel and opened a Religious Centre in Tel Aviv, and they had tremendous success in helping people awaken their higher consciousness. 1981, they moved back to New York and brought along students and teachers to help lead the new Centre. Rav Berg published books in English to appeal to a wider audience, and through his work The Kabbalah Center has become the first non-religious, but spiritual path for students. Now with physical locations in over 40 cities, online resources, and books, the teachings of Kabbalah have become accessible to people all over the world.

Kindness Matters at the Kabbalah Centre

Kindness seems like a simple concept. The notion of being kind means being nice to all the people in someone’s life. While kindness seems to be a surface quality, it is underneath that it is something that can truly shine. Learning to be kind is often a task that can take all of a person’s life. People at the Kabbalah Centre know that others want to be kind in all they do including how they interact with others around them. They also know that it is not always easy for people to be kind. People may not realize how they are being unkind in some way. This is why so many people have sought out their help in finding new ways to be kind to others.

Locating Kindness Within

Locating kindness within means locating a sense of life long feeling of being able to reach out to others and make them feel better. Those at the centre know that some people are naturally kind while others may need to work harder at this quality. This is why they look for ways to help people realize they can be kinder. When people work with those here, they can discover what it is within them that it kindness and how it can come out. Kindness can be practiced, learned and ultimately perfected.

Using Kindness Every Day

At the Kabbalah Centre, the ideal is to learn how to use kindness in every day interactions. When people are able to use such kindness techniques, they are able to locate a sense of being in control and a feeling of being part of something greater than themselves. When they learn techniques here that emphasize kindness to everyone else, they learn how to become better people overall. Those who can be kinder will find it so much easier to become better people in all aspects of their lives. With their assistance, it is possible to be a kinder parent, a better spouse and someone who can help others feel happy. They know that such efforts can truly pay off and lead to true happiness in life.

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About the Kabbalah Centre and Its Missions

Though different individuals have said a lot through writing and on the Social Media, the majority of the people do not know what Kabbalah Centre entails. Let’s first look at the root of The Kabbalah and know where it came from. It was started in the year 1922 by Rav Yehuda Ashlag who was the first master of the Kabbalah. Before, the wisdom was not widespread but, Rav Yehuda decided to avail the wisdom of Kabbalah across the world by modernizing it. Later, he passed his leadership skills and teachings to his student Rav Yehuda Tzvi Brandwein who continued enlightening people until he passed the mantle to Rav Berg.


The Kabbalah Centre is a non-profit organization, and it strives to make the Kabbalah principles and teachings to be understood by people and to be relevant in every day of life. Those who dedicate themselves and become students of the Kabbalah are taught a lot of lessons and learn spiritual tools based on the principles of the Kabbalah. The students are supposed to apply these teachings during their lifetime so as to improve their lives and also work to make the world a better place to live in.



Over the time, many lessons have been developed by the Centre. Kabbalah means different things for different individuals. The Center has so far supported many interpretations of Kabbalah throughout the world. The teachings of the Centre are based on a universal wisdom precludes the Bible, and it does not matter anyone can study the lessons from any faith and background. The Centre presents the learners with much wisdom, and some of the instructions conducted include; origin of creation as well as physical and spiritual laws of the universe.


The Centre is always keen in providing a base for those willing to learn so that they can improve their lives and skills. They provide tools that are spiritual and that are based on Kabbalistic teachings to so that students can be able to apply when it comes various areas of life and succeed. However, you should implement the tool in your life to be able to succeed in your life.