Aloha Construction Receives BBB Torch Award For Their Ethics

The Better Business Bureau hands out awards to those businesses that are doing something special or that have handled their work well through the years. The awards are not given out to just any business, they are given out to those businesses that have earned them. The Better Business Bureau’s Torch Award is something special and something that is given after much consideration. This award is used to honor those companies that are doing business in an ethical way. Those companies that are doing things right are given the chance to get this award. Aloha Construction was recently awarded the BBB Torch Award.

The Better Business Bureau has shared that those companies that receive their BBB Torch Award are companies that handle the running of their business in an ethical way. They are companies that care more about their customers than their profits. They are companies that care about their communities and their stakeholders. Aloha Construction was given the BBB Torch Award because of their charitable work and because of their company culture. They were given the award because they have worked hard to do well, to affect others in a positive way. They deserve the award that they have received because they are ethical and charitable.

Aloha Construction has done a variety of work with various charities and they have helped send a child with heart disease to see a Bulls game. They have supported the Bloomington, Illinois Boy’s and Girl’s Club. They have created incentives for their employees. This company that specializes in gutter repair work, siding, and roofing, has done things that have helped it to earn the BBB Torch Award. The family owned and operated company that is Aloha Construction deserves the award that has been given to them and will continue to work in an ethical way.