Santa Ana Winds Wreak Havoc in California

For those who are considering a trip out to the west coast—especially Southern California—it’s good to keep tabs on the weather. Currently, there are several fires blazing due to the unusually strong Santa Ana winds descending upon the region. Causing an extraordinarily low humidity level, these winds are heaping pressure upon an area that has experienced major damage during the past month. Unfortunately, forecasters are predicting that there is no end in sight. With the winds ramping up even more within the next few days, firefighters will struggle to keep the various fires contained.

Although it is the Thomas fire that has become the greatest threat thus far, it was the Skirball fire that made jaws drop around the world. The 405 is known as one of the busiest freeways on the planet. Those who were familiar with the landscape were utterly shocked to see the familiar freeway engulfed in flames. This fire would end up consuming six homes in one of the most affluent neighborhoods on the planet—Bel Air—while also damaging others. After some investigation, it was determined that the fire was caused by cooking at a nearby homeless encampment. Because homelessness has become an increasingly difficult issue in the greater Los Angeles area, it made the problem seem even more poignant.

Fire crews have been doing the best they can within the past few weeks, but it is crucial for visitors to Southern California to realize the extreme environmental stress being experienced right now.