Rocketship Education: Building Better Schools

Operating in three states as well as in the district of Columbia is an achievement for any charter school. However, Rocketship Education is hoping to go even further. Their mission is to address unique needs of students in under served communities. These communities often produce an achievement gap in student performance that Rocketship Education hopes to make a thing of the past. Their unique approach has already begun to get people’s attention. Recently they were ranked in the top 10% of schools in California that serve underprivileged communities. They have no intention of stopping until every student realized that they can achieve greatness regardless of economic standing.

This far-reaching program begins with a study framework of quality staff members. It is required that ever instructor be well versed in core fields such as Math, Science, and English. From there they need to display an ability to adapt their teaching styles to meet children’s needs. For example, it is necessary that every instructor meet at least once with every student’s parents in their home. This meeting allows the instructor and student’s parents to become comfortable and familiar with one another. From this relationship, the teacher can aid parents in engaging and encouraging their children to prioritize education.

Dedication to the community cannot be limited to when times are good. When communities need help the most they quickly find out which local institutions are willing to put their money where their mouth. When San Jose flooded and left families in the area devastated they learned quickly that Rocketship education was not only about encouraging families and communities support each other, but rather was an institution that would step into a leadership role when times were tough. The school quickly stepped up and reached out to local nonprofits. In partnership, the group was able to raise over $60,000 to go towards relief efforts. These funds helped families afford new rent deposits or basic necessities. Parents were shocked by the aid they received and knew going forward that Rocketship was more dedicated to student’s success than they ever imagined.