New Glass Panels to Surround the Seattle Space Needle

New renovations are happening to the Seattle Space Needle 56 years after its original construction in 1962. Being placed in the Seattle city skyline for the World’s Fair, the Space Needle is an extraordinary landmark for the city.

Renovation began in September 2017 and construction has been going on six days a week. The project estimated at the cost of $100 million has been broken up into several phases with the first phase to be completed in June 2018.

The first phase of the renovation is to replace the bars in the observation area to sizeable solid glass panels. The entire glass weighs in at about 48 tons. These glass panels are too large to be lifted up in the structures elevator system, so construction is using cranes. Gantry cranes were installed on the tower to lift the giant glass panels, and a robot arm is installing the glass one by one.

Other phases of the project include a remodeling of the restaurant at the top of the Space Needle Tower. Building plans have closed the business during the renovation and will be opening their doors again in May 2018. Plans for the restaurant include glass flooring so that guest will be able to see below as they dine in style.

Currently, the scaffolding that is being used by the construction crew is completely enclosed. Workers are protected from the outside elements so that they can work around the clock comfortably. The observation deck is partially open to the public.