Visit The Beautiful Beach of California

California is known for its breathtaking beaches with crystal blue water and sandy beaches. When tourists visit this state they are many different beaches to choose from to visit depending on what part of the California you are staying in.

Wildcat Beach is located in Marni California. It does not have many services but the view is breathtaking once you arrive. The beach has a the Wildcat campground nearby and hiking, boating, swimming and fishing. Others activities are backpacking and mountain biking. Wildcat Beach has 2.5 miles of beach. To get to his beach you have to hike about 5 miles.

Shelter Cove is known for its black sandy beach. It is in a secluded location and known for its peaceful fishing community. It is accessible only by boat or plane and has 3.5 miles of beach and coral reefs.

Catalina Island in Los Angles is the home to many different beaches. The Avalon beaches are located outside the city and within walking distance from hotels and restaurants. Most of these beaches have swimming and sunbathing and nearby restrooms.

Descanso Beach has many activities for tourists. Admission is $2 and the water is crystal clear. Activities offered are swimming, snorkeling, or kayaking. There are restrooms, cabana and umbrella rentals. There is an open air restaurant at the Descanso Beach Club that serves sandwiches, salads, wine and beer.

Other beaches to visit in Catalina are South Beach, Middle Beach and Step Beach and Two Harbour Beaches. There are many striking beaches in California with distinctive features.

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California Beaches Are The Most Scenic in The US

Visit some of the most scenic beaches in California. These beaches are Wildcat Beach, Catlina Island Beaches and Shelter Cove.