Roberto Santiago: A Move in the Right Direction

Life is always a mystery that has to get unraveled day after day. To succeed in life, you have to take one day at a time and counter every challenge separately. History has recorded Roberto Santiago to be the greatest ‘inventor’ of all time, having created Manaira Shopping Mall, the biggest trading complex in all of Brazil. Since its inception more than two decades ago, Manaira Shopping Mall has been the place to visit, especially if you are a Brazilian national. If it is fashion, design, technology, or glamour you are looking for; the Manaira Shopping Mall is the place to visit. It is a great facility in standing that hosts dozens of malls, restaurant, and a range of entertainment joints. Above all, Manaira Shopping Mall hosts a modern-day college.

For years, Manaira Shopping Mall has been a great contributor to the Gross Domestic Product of Brazil. As per the 2015 national statistics, shopping malls in the country recorded a financial percentage increase of 6.5%, with more than $150 million being profits made. Although many new malls have gotten developed over the years, there is none that has been able to topple Roberto Santiago’s Manaira Shopping Mall legacy. For years, Manaira Shopping Mall has been able to endure financial crisis emerging victoriously in the end. In an industry that employs more than one million Brazilian citizens, Manaira Shopping Mall takes the lion’s share.

Today, Manaira Shopping Mall leases more than seventy-five square meters to retailers from across the board. One factor that has made Manaira Shopping Mall thrive over the years is its ability to provide multi-purpose functions to its full range of customers. As of 2015, Manaira Shopping Mall accommodated more than two million visitors, a staggering number for a trading complex of its magnitude. In 2014, Brazil opened its doors to yet another one of Roberto Santiago’s invention, the Mangabeira Shopping Mall. Just like the Manaira Shopping Mall, the Mangabeira complex can accommodate close to 350,000 visitors while at full capacity. Since its inauguration in 2014, the Mangabeira has increased capacity relieving pressure experienced by existing malls due to an influx of the numbers of consumers. Despite public concerns that opening Mangabeira Shopping Mall would cause redundancy in operations at the Manaira Complex, Roberto Santiago, the owner of the two businesses assured Brazil that both entities would function in isolation hence no adverse effects. Since Roberto Santiago set his sights on real estate, he has helped create significant developments that have not only contributed to the nation’s economic growth but also brought a sense of commitment and fulfillment among local communities. Thus, Roberto Santiago is a man who has influenced Brazil to move in the right direction, inspiring other people to invest in businesses that can benefit the community as a whole.