Thinking About Traveling to Sunny Southern California This Winter? Think Again

Southern California, long famed for its mild, comfortable temperatures and sunny weather throughout the year, may not be the ideal winter destination this time. The region is facing an unusual spell of cold weather this winter, which means that many prospective tourists may set their sights elsewhere if they’re looking for an escape from the chilly winds and heavy snowfall that have recently come to the Midwest and the Northeast. In years past, southern California has been one of the most popular destinations for winter travelers – the warm weather combined with the huge number of theme parks including Disneyland and Legoland mean that the area is crowded year-round.


The usually crowded beaches and parks have been deserted lately, though, as record low temperatures have moved into the area as a result of a winter storm. The thermometer in Lancaster, CA hit an all-time record low of 16 degrees on Sunday, and many residents were caught unprepared. This area rarely sees temperatures below the low 50s or high 40s, even in winter, so many residents do not even own clothes suitable for the frigid temperatures that they experienced this weekend. As a result, the few people seen outside were bundled up in several layers of shirts and sweaters – and, frequently, ski jackets and face masks to deal with the piercing cold winds. These cold temperatures are expected to last for at least a week, but may stick around longer depending on when the next warm front arrives. Residents are hoping it will be soon

The Top Places You Must Visit in Southern California

Deciding where to go on a trip to the western United States is not difficult, and as you likely know, most people choose California.


California has a huge coastline on the Pacific ocean, and there’re so many things to see and do there. But where in California should you go? Most people opt for Southern California with good reason. In fact, there are many top things that you absolutely must experience in Southern California, and here they are.


Kayaking and exploring in Channel Islands National Park


There are a chain of five islands that are off the coast of the community of Santa Barbara, and these are called the Channel Islands. Together, they make up Channel Islands National Park, and it’s so easy to snorkel, kayak or swim around these islands. They are beautiful and have many opportunities to witness marine life.


Jet skiing.


Jet skiing is one of the most popular activities on the ocean in Southern California. Even if you’re a novice to this sport, you can take a quick class and be out on the ocean in no time. Many rental locations offer jet ski rentals by the hour, or they can take you out on special tours to several of the most beautiful places for this activity. These include Crystal Cove, Corona Del Mar and Emerald Bay.




Again, even if you’ve never been surfing before, it couldn’t be easier in Southern California where there are many teachers and classes that you can take to get out on the waves.