The creative minds of Spain have done it again and this time in quite an unconventional way. We all get worked up and fatigued at work and such a long day may seem to slow us down. In most cases when this happens, you may begin to doze off loosing track of what is happening around you. Nothing works in rejuvenating the body and mind like a nap when the muscles are too worked up to be active. It is this knowledge that has informed Siesta & Go, a company in Madrid, Spain to come up with tranquil rooms for individuals to lay their heads for a nap.

At affordable prices of between 12-14 euros an hour, you can rest your head in one of the 19 rooms at the Azca based nap bar. The space is available for booking or you can walk in when the occasion demands. Do not worry about your office clothes being wrinkled because the facility offers nightshirts for nappers. You are you might oversleep? Do not mind because at the end of your session you will have one of the attendants waking you up. The company details are easily accessible from their websites where you can also book for a nap session when the need arises (

The facility offers more just in case you need to relax and rest without closing your eyes. They have very comfortable seats outside where you can quietly read your novel or flip through your newspaper as your mind refreshes in the cool fresh air. This is the trend as workers and employers alike realize the benefits of taking a break when the body demands of it. The next time you are in Madrid do not worry of the exhausting long hours at hours at work. Nap it off.