Danilo Diaz Granado’s Company Hosts a Magnificent Event


Danilo Diaz Granados is a businessperson who is renowned for his expertise in finance and entrepreneurship, accruing a career’s worth of LinkedIn credits in a pretty short amount of time. He is currently based in Miami, Florida where he runs his businesses and works as an advisor to various investors. His companies are Toys for Boys Boutique and the Glory Films. Besides being the owner of the two businesses, he also has administrative roles, and he strives to ensure that his enterprises are successful.  Danilo Diaz Granados attended the Massachusetts-based Babson College where he gained his exceptional skills in entrepreneurship. He is a former employee of the connection wing of the Equity Investment Program, where he served as an FCP Associate.


The Fireman Capital Partners hired Danilo in 2015 to assist it in carrying out research on emerging global matters that can positively transform investment equity. The aspects that he studies at the firm are energy efficiency, hedge funds, and the creation of new innovative enterprises. Granados’ other responsibility is to examine the state of the environment to determine the social, creative, and demographic subjects that can change investments, and he also advises private investors. His profession has offered him ample experience in decision making on investment opportunities.


Danilo’ Toys for Boys hosted a farfetched gig in July this year. The event primary targeted wealthy individuals who are Miami-based since it had many lavish fun undertaking. The activities included sunset boat rides, great previews, Dom Perignon bottles, race track times, high-quality cuisine, and flying helicopters. Mr. Granados founded Toys for Boys in 2013, and the company has been holding events that are devoted to offering an outstanding entertainment experience to its clients.


The entrepreneur chose a few individuals from the event and took them for breakfast at the One Thousand Museum sales center, which is currently maintained by Dame Zaha Hadid. Danilo Diaz Granados offered them an opportunity to preview the new residential structure that will be erected at the Biscayne area in Miami. The success of the event was ensured by various sponsors, and they include the One Thousand Museum, Gryphon Racing, Air Commander Aerospace, and Van Dutch Americas. Granados also participated in some activities such as flying helicopters.  But Danilo is also an advocate for the Latino community, and of helping others find business opportunities in Miami.  Mr. Granados’ full speech on the matter was captured beautifully here: http://icrowdnewswire.com/2016/10/17/danilo-diaz-granados-habla-de-venir-america-para-emprendedores/